Nokia 3100b Troubleshooting

The phone has trouble involving the battery or other power source.

The phone might not turn on because the power button, located at the top of the phone, is not working. Be sure you are completely pressing the button down into the device. If your phone won't turn on, the power button may have to be replaced.

If your phone cannot secure a charge, the battery inside the device may be faulty or improperly connected. To check if the battery is properly installed in the phone, see the Battery Replacement Guide. If this does not fix the issue, your phone will need a replacement battery.

If your phone doesn't charge when you plug it into the charger, your charger may be broken. Check to see if this is the case by finding a working charger and plugging it into your phone. If this doesn't work, the phone's power input could be malfunctioning and you may need to seek a repair. A power input replacement guide can be found here.

The phone experiences problems with calls, sending messages, and other connectivity problems.

If your phone can't make or receive calls, be sure that you are in your cell phone's service provider's area of coverage. To make sure, call your phone service provider (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, et cetera).

If your phone is on, but will not send or receive calls or messages, it might not have enough power to perform the desired task. Plug your phone into its power adapter to charge its battery.

If you are in the area of coverage, but still can't make a call, be sure that you have paid all past dues on your cell phone bill. Companies will often cut service without notice, and this will prevent usage of your phone.

The call sounds garbled or full of static.

If you can make a call, but experience poor sound quality, you may be in an area that does not get strong cell phone reception. Move to an area where your phone indicates that it has a strong connection.

If your call sounds distorted to the person you are talking to, your microphone may be damaged or in need of replacement. Check the Microphone Repair Guide for information on how to replace your microphone.

It is possible that the antenna inside your phone is damaged or improperly working. It may need to be replaced.

The speaker inside your phone may be damaged if you experience poor sound quality during a call. If this is the case, your phone's speaker will have to be replaced. You can find a speaker replacement guide here.

The phone's screen is experiencing problems displaying a clear image of a menu or picture.

If you see cracks on your cell phone's screen, or portions of the screen are blank, the screen is broken. The phone must be disassembled and the screen must be replaced. A screen removal guide can be found here.

If your cell phone's screen is not displaying any image, the screen could be broken, underpowered, or improperly connected. Plug your phone into a power adapter to try to produce an image on the screen. If this doesn't work, the phone must be disassembled and replacement of the screen may be needed. A screen removal guide can be found here.

The phone does not vibrate when receiving a text or a call

In order for your phone to vibrate, it must be in vibrate mode. Edit your phone's call settings to make sure it is on vibrate mode.

If your phone is not vibrating when it receives a text or a call, despite being in "Vibrate" mode, the vibration unit within the phone could be improperly connected or broken. Replacement of the vibrating unit, using the Vibrating Unit Replacement Guide, may be required.

Pressing buttons on the phone yields no effect

Your phone might be "frozen" or locked-up if it does not respond to any button presses while displaying an image on its screen. Turn the cell phone off and turn it back on to un-freeze your phone.

The keypad of your phone is one piece of rubber underneath your phone's outer case. The keypad unit might not be properly installed or it could be damaged. Check the Keypad Replacement Guide to access the keypad and fully diagnose the problem.

When operating the phone, no sound plays

If you want your phone to emit a sound when you receive a text or a call, be sure that it is not in "Vibrate" or "Silent" mode. Any other mode will cause the phone to play a ringtone or jingle when it receives a text or a call.

If your phone doesn't emit sound when it is in a mode other than "Vibrate" or "Silent", be sure that the speaker is in working condition. If not, you may need to replace it. A speaker replacement guide can be found here.

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