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LG1010 Troubleshooting

The LG1010 is the successor to the Sprint PCS TouchPoint 1100. It features a folding clamshell style flip face, extendable antenna, 2.5 hours of talk time and operates on the CDMA 1900 MHz Voice Grade Channel band.

LG1010 won't turn on

The cellular device does not light up and display graphic.

Battery is dead

Recharge battery using the power adapter that was included with the purchase of the cellular device.

Pressing the correct button

Press and hold the end call button on the right side of the keypad to power on device.

Battery won't hold a charge

The power on the cellular phone is exhausted quickly or doesn't charge properly when connected

Battery is bad

The battery is worn out and needs to be replaced. How to replace your battery.

The power adapter is not working

Contact local service store to find the correct adapter for your cellular device.

Screen doesn't turn on

Phone turns on, but screen remains black, broken or cracked

If everything on the phone works except for the screen, you will need to replace the screen. Contact the manufacturer of your phone for a replacement.

Sound quality is poor

Voices sound very quiet

Audio/Ringtone settings are set at 1 or 2

Turn up the volume using the rocker buttons located on the side of the phone.

The volume is at maximum, but sound is still hard to hear

If the sound is still low or distorted you will need to replace the speaker.

Keys are sticky or not functioning

The buttons don't respond correctly or "stick" when pressed

The keypad is dirty

Clean any dirt or other debris from the keypad.

The keypad input is not displayed on screen

If the keys still don't operate properly, you will need to replace the keypad.

Signal is low

Your phone doesn't have more bars in more places and calls keep getting dropped.

You are not within range of a cell tower

This problem has a couple possible causes. Your cellular phone works on either the Ultra High Frequency band or Very High Frequency band, so for your phone to work you must be within direct line of site with a cellular phone tower. Try to get as close to a cell tower as you can and see if your signal increases. They mostly look like this, but can also be camouflaged to look like this.

Your antenna is not functioning properly

If moving closer to a cell tower doesn't fix your problem, then you might have a broken antenna. Please read Antenna is damaged.

Antenna is damaged

Your phone never has good signal, even when within line of sight of a cellular phone tower.

You have a damaged antenna that needs to be replaced. Contact the manufacturer of your phone for a replacement and follow the Antenna Repair Guide.

Phone is water damaged

Your phone was dropped into a body of water, completely submerging it.

Water is an enemy of electronics and cell phones are no exception. Most people have insurance on their cell phones, but water damage is very rarely covered in that. To make matters worse, most modern phones have a "water sticker" hidden in them that will permanently change color if it comes into contact with water, so one quick check at the store will tell a clerk if they can replace your phone for free or not.

The first step to dealing with a wet phone is not to panic. Your first impulse will probably be to turn the phone on to test if it is still working but applying electricity to a wet circuit is the worst thing you can do. First remove the source, that is remove the battery.

If your phone was dropped in salt water you want to flush it and the removed battery with fresh water as far as water goes, salt water is much harder on fragile electronics than fresh water.

The next step is to remove as much water from the phone and battery as quickly as possible. A vacuum or can of compressed air is ideal for this. Resist the urge to use a blow dryer or any other device with a heating element. Heat is also an enemy of electronics and water will conduct heat much better than air does, not to mention your phone is already under stress from getting wet.

Once the majority of the water is out of your phone you need to absorb the rest of the moisture out of the phone as soon as you can. The best resource for this is silica packets, but if you don't have any laying around rice is a close second. Either seal your phone in a container with a few silica packets or place your phone in a bowl of rice and leave it overnight to absorb the rest of the moisture from your phone.

In the morning inspect your phone and battery for moisture. If everything seems dry then put the battery back in and turn your phone on.

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