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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

HP Chromebook 14-Q010DX Troubleshooting

The HP Chromebook 14-Q010DX is one of a line of Chromebooks released by various companies. This particular Chromebook was released in September of 2013.

Chromebook won’t turn on

When power button is pressed computer will not turn on.

Dead or bad battery

Make sure that the Chromebook has been plugged in and the battery is charged. If it does not charge, you may need to replace the internal battery. To see how to replace the battery click here.

Broken power adapter

If the power adapter for the Chromebook is plugged in, but no lights are turning on on the device, it is possible that the power adapter is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Motherboard issues

The motherboard may have cracked or a component on the board may have become faulty. This can be caused by a fall or an overheating issue and the board may need to be replaced. To see how to replace the motherboard click here.

Chromebook won’t boot

Chromebook turns on, but won’t run start up procedure.

RAM issues

It is possible that the RAM is either damaged or is not efficient to run the current amount of operations. Since the RAM is attached to the motherboard, the motherboard will have to be replaced. To see how to replace the motherboard click here.

Broken hard drive

If the ram is properly installed, the problem may be with the hard drive itself. To test this issue, it is possible to boot the computer through a usb with the Chromebook OS recovery tool installed. To learn to do this, follow the official guide located here. This will allow the OS to boot through the USB and hopefully resolve the issue. If the computer still fails to boot there may be something wrong with the hard drive itself and will need to be replaced. For help repairing the hard drive, follow the guide here.

Speakers are not functioning

Speakers are playing distorted or no noise.

Speakers are not playing the correct sound

If the speakers are currently playing distorted noises or not playing any noise at all, it is possible that the volume is turned down and needs to be turned up. On the keyboard there will be two volume keys on the top right of the keyboard. If it is turned up and is still not working, it is possible that the speakers are damaged and will need to be replaced. For information on how to replace the speakers, follow the guide here.


Chromebook is significantly hotter than when previously used.

Malfunctioning fan

First make sure the laptop is on a flat surface where there are no obstruction to the fan on the bottom of the laptop. If the laptop continues to overheat then the internal fan maybe broken or blocked by dust. If it is blocked by dust you will have to remove the fan and clean the dust off. If the fan is malfunctioning or broken you will have to replace it. To solve these issues reference the fan replacement guide.

Keys malfunctioning

Buttons on computer are not working properly.

Characters on screen will not respond to keystrokes

A key is being held down or the keyboard membrane is situated poorly over the keyboard. Remove the keyboard to correct the issue underneath the membrane and or to replace the membrane. To see how to replace the keyboard click here.

Chromebook slow operation/unresponsive

Chromebook is running very slow or freezing

“Chrome OS is missing or damaged” error

If you see this message, a system recovery is necessary. Insert a recovery USB drive into one of the 4 ports in the back of the laptop. Refer to the official google tool page here.

“He’s Dead, Jim!” error

If you are confronted by this message, the system could be running low on memory. Close any unnecessary processes and see if the problem is corrected.

Chrome OS becomes unresponsive and computer freezes

Turn off the computer. Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards. Disconnect the power supply and remove the battery here. Hold the power button down for 7 seconds. Reconnect the power adapter, but not the battery. Then turn on the computer to see if problem is resolved. If not refer to “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” error.

USB drives not recognizing devices

Devices connected to Chromebook are not recognized and cannot be accessed.

USB drives fail to recognize devices when inserted

The USB board may be faulty and need replaced. Test your board by plugging in another USB that you are aware works on other USB ports besides yours to rule out the device malfunctioning.

If the USB board in the laptop is faulty, then the USB board must be replaced. To see how to replace usb board click here.

Good day!

My chromebook won't start! I was just using it yesterday and it worked just fine. Now, i was surprised that it won't even turn on. What to do?

Charlene Kate Lumanlan - Responder

Have the same problem, maybe its the kbc that got damaged from a power surge. i flashed the bios but no success.

robbirobson2015 - Responder

I've had a number of Chromebooks. My Samsung never had the issues that the HP has with freezing up. My family has 3 of the HP's and they all experience the same issue. It a hardware problem - not an OS issue.

Matt Lehman - Responder

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