Use this guide to correctly apply replacement battery adhesive strips in your iPhone 5s, 5c, or SE. Any time you remove the battery, these strips must be replaced. The strips are easily damaged if not applied correctly, so you may want to have a spare set of strips on hand if following this guide for the first time.

Before you begin, you should have removed the battery by following a guide like the ones linked below. Note: iPhone 5 and earlier models do not use any adhesive strips.

If you need to replace the battery adhesive strips in a different model iPhone, use one of the following guides:

  1. Before installing new adhesive strips, temporarily connect your new battery and check its alignment in the iPhone.
    • Before installing new adhesive strips, temporarily connect your new battery and check its alignment in the iPhone.

    • If everything looks good, disconnect the battery and remove it.

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  2. Peel off the large blue film liner and remove it from the adhesive strips completely.
    • Peel off the large blue film liner and remove it from the adhesive strips completely.

    • Take care not to accidentally touch the adhesive strips after this step. The adhesive is good for one use. If it sticks to your finger or another surface accidentally, it must be discarded and replaced.

    • The blue film sometimes has a defect that prevents it from peeling off, and the strips have to be discarded and replaced.

      • If this happens to you and you got your strips from iFixit, contact us here and we'll send you a replacement on the double.

      • In the meantime, you can temporarily reassemble your iPhone with a bit of double-sided tape to hold the battery.

    Be cautious: On some adhesive strip packages (I didn’t buy my at iFixit) they have mixed the colours! Be sure to peel off the largest piece of plastic.

    Tor - Responder

    • With the exposed adhesive facing down, fold the black tab up at a 90° angle.

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    • With the exposed adhesive facing down, carefully align the strips into your iPhone's rear case.

      • Position the black tab very close to, but not quite touching, the the black plastic speaker housing on the bottom right.

    • Set the adhesive strips into the rear case and allow them to stick.

    Should have mentioned to leave a 1/16” gap at bottom so there's room to fold adhesive removal tab back down, mine so tight no room to fold back ,Hope it goes back together again !

    Wayne Camarano - Responder

    • Press down on each strip to fully adhere it to the rear case, starting from the middle and working outward towards each end.

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    • Peel away the large pink film liner and remove it completely.

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    • Without sticking the battery down, lower its connector into the iPhone and align it to its socket on the logic board.

    • Connect the battery.

    I connected the battery before removing the pink strip; removing the strip was easy with battery connected and the chance of touching adhesive while fiddling with the connector was reduced.

    Bob McNally - Responder

    • Once the battery sticks, you can't reposition or remove it without destroying the adhesive strips and starting over.

    • Carefully position the battery and set it into the iPhone.

      • Leave a small gap (about 2 mm) between the lower edge of the battery and the speaker. This will make it easier to fold down the black tab in a later step.

    Be sure to set the battery closely towards to top of the phone to leave space to fold the black tap of the adhesive tape at the bottom.

    Christian Jensen - Responder

    ***** ALERT This is a non obvious failure point. If the battery is too close to the right (lower) end in picture, you can’t fold the black Tab down which is two steps further down. This should be in the main instruction, not as a note. Mine is too close to the home button connector socket, I will try folding the black tab over battery. Report to follow

    Bob McNally - Responder

    Thank you both for your comments; I’ve added your tips to the instructions. That said, when photographing this guide, I installed the battery pretty much bang up against the speaker, and was still able to fold the tab down—it just took a little patience. So, don’t anybody panic if you installed your battery a little too far down! You can still complete the repair.

    Jeff Suovanen - Responder

    Report on previous ALERT comment…I successfully completed the battery installation and closed up the phone with the black tab lying over the battery rather than tucked down and into the space between the end of the battery and the other components. The case closed up ok, and the end screws went in successfully ( I had to squeeze the case closed to get the screws at the end to line up with the holes on the little tabs inside.

    Bob McNally - Responder

    • Press the battery firmly into place.

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    • Use the flat end of your spudger or blunt tweezers to fold the black tab downward, tucking it between the lower edge of the battery and the components lining the bottom edge of the iPhone.

    • Be extremely careful not to poke the battery with any sharp tools during this step. Accidentally puncturing a lithium-ion battery can cause a dangerous fire.

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    • Be sure to disconnect the battery again before reassembling your iPhone.

      • Working on your phone with the battery connected can destroy sensitive components.

    No fault of the author(good job credit coming your way), but my adhesive strips were a bear to install. My tabs were two separate as opposed to one long tab. Of course, I messed them up by letting one of the aforementioned tabs touch the adhesive strip. I had to use some double sided tape to finish the install. At least my iPhone 5S is working!

    Chris Courtney - Responder


To reassemble your iPhone, return to the guide you used to remove the battery and follow the steps in reverse order.

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Call me crazy, but can’t I just use a thin strip of blu-tack?

domarius - Responder

Maybe, but the adhesive strips are designed to be very strong and very thin, and reasonably heat-resistant. This keeps the battery secure even if you shake the phone (or take it jogging), and it won’t come loose if the phone gets hot. The thin profile also means the battery has room to expand slightly without contacting or putting pressure on the display. Considering how cheap the strips are vs. the cost of the expensive phone you are repairing, I tend to err in favor of putting it back together the way it’s designed. But, your phone, your choice!

Jeff Suovanen -

All worked well except removing one of the adhesive strips. I used a “Bed Buddy” microwavable heat pack to warm the phone as directed and it worked fine. So far I’m pleased. Now comes the re-assembly challenge.

Curtis Potter - Responder

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