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Before attempting any major replacements or repairs please refer to our Troubleshooting page

Background and Identification

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum was released in 2012 and can be identified by the Dyson tag DC40. It is very similar in design and mechanical operation to its earlier counterpart, the DC41 Animal. It is well known for utilizing the Dyson Ball technology while using V8 suction. It has an orange color and is fairly lightweight while remaining a full size vacuum and most distinctively having the strongest suction of any vacuum. It has been known to fail by losing suction, turning on and off on its own, not supporting its own weight and remaining upright, not turning on, and the brush bar not turning. To ensure that you have found the correct repair guide for the right device, make sure that there are the words Dyson Ball Multi Floor imprinted into the top front of the bottom portion of the vacuum near the suction.

Additional Information

Dyson's Support Page for Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

Forum for Dyson Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

Dyson Vacuum Maintenance and Cleaning

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