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The Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum was released in 2012 and can be identified by the Dyson tag DC40. It is very similar in design and mechanical operation to its earlier counterpart, the DC41 Animal.

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Wand has no suction

My wand is not sucking. I took the hose completely off and it appears that the connecting hose at the base where the wand hose connects at the base. I have checked all hoses and the wand, there is not any blockages.

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I’ve been experiencing the same problem. The vacuum works fine but I have no suction at all in the tube. It sounds like something is engaging to cause the suction to shut off almost instantaneously when I switch over to use the hose, There are no clogs. No other issues. I’m frustrated. I feel like this is an expensive product to not perform correctly and no real information to troubleshoot this exact issue.


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If your vacuum cleaner loses suction from its nozzle or hose, see the Dyson Ball Animal Has Loss Of Suction In Hose problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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I have taken my entire Dyson apart and cleaned it. When trying to use the hose it cinches up quickly like an accordion and will not suck. You can hear it close off air from sucking. There are no holes or signs of damage. Any ideas? I have tried all of the steps 1-5. The vacuum itself works fine


I have the exact same issue. Brand new! UGH


Same!!!! I’m so annoyed with this. I want to use the wand but can’t. It vacuums just can’t use the hose


I have had this since third month of owning it. Piece of crap


Has anyone found any cure for this? I have only used mine a handful of times and am having this exact same issue. Makes no sense at all. There is suction to the end of the pipe but as soon as you put any of the nozzles on the end there is no suction!


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