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The Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum was released in 2012 and can be identified by the Dyson tag DC40. It is very similar in design and mechanical operation to its earlier counterpart, the DC41 Animal.

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Why is my Dyson multi floor ball not sucking when I cleaned it out

My Dyson Ball multi floor is not sucking I went through the entire thing did not find any clogs that I pull off the the catcher the round tube and clean the filters out of that clean the HEPA filter pulled the side of the ball often see anything cotton that filter went through all the tubing and didn’t find anything in there it turns on and the brushes flick but it’s not sucking from the front side sucking from the top side so it’s sucking out we’re supposed be blowing in

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there is a hose in the ball that moves from wand to floor attachment when the handle is moved from parked to push position.

the hose sometimes hangs, or fails to complete its motion from one vacuum seal to the other.

i am here trying to find out why that is happening, before i have to go behind the filter in the ball

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I am also having this issue, except there is a visible hole in the small flip flop hose on my vaccuum. I can repair the hose but how do I get to it?


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