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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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Red liquid leaking between transmission and engine

I have an Automatic 2005 Ford Focus. Last time that I was for an oil change, I was told that my transmission is leaking and they showed me a minor leak around the seal between the engine and tranmission blocks underneath- I guess it is under torque converter area. I was told that the seal needs to be replaced and for that, the transmission should be removed and reinstalled which takes about 8 hours. With parts and everything it is around $1,000. I was also told that there might be a bigger problem in transmission that they would know when they open it up that may cost me up to $1,500 more. The transmission changes gear ok, colour of oil is red,no burned oil. I would like to know if the leak could be for anything else. If it is not, do I need to change the seal at this time or I can just monitor the oil level and add up oil as needed(the leak is minor, I may lose 1/2 litre in 6 month)

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Mahyar, that is a tough question to answer. It might be possible the leave the leak for a while, depending on how much it leaks and where it leaks. Leaky seals do not get better, if anything they get worse. I would most certainly check the tranny fluid often just to make sure you are not starting to leak more.It sounds like one of the main seals is leaking, but there are plenty of other possibilities as well, like leaking lines or leaking pan etc. I would say it depends how much it leaks and how much you drive, determines if you change it now or in a while. Eventually you will have to change it. Try for a second opinion and see if it might be a bit cheaper. Or even better, try and do it yourself, may be. there is lots of good help on here....

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I agree with OldTurkey in that leaks almost never fix themselves. Automatic transmission fluid is pink/red in color and the leak you described sounds like the front seal where the torque converter goes into the transmission. The seal could be dry and no longer flexible, which could be the cause of the leak. It is also possible to have a bad transmission pump bushing that would cause the torque converter to move farther than the seal is able to hold. I have also seen engine bearings that cause a similar type of problem (crankshaft movement causing torque converter to move within the seal). There is also a possibility that the transmission fluid is foaming and bubbling out of the overflow vent, which is usually located in the transmission pump area (though I personally doubt this one because you said the fluid was red and not burnt).

Yes, you can keep an eye on the leak and make sure it is topped off if low. Long story --> short, eventually you will need a professional mechanic.


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