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I agree with OldTurkey in that leaks almost never fix themselves. Automatic transmission fluid is pink/red in color and the leak you described sounds like the front seal where the torque converter goes into the transmission. The seal could be dry and no longer flexible, which could be the cause of the leak. It is also possible to have a bad transmission pump bushing that would cause the torque converter to move farther than the seal is able to hold. I have also seen engine bearings that cause a similar type of problem (crankshaft movement causing torque converter to move within the seal). There is also a possibility that the transmission fluid is foaming and bubbling out of the overflow vent, which is usually located in the transmission pump area (though I personally doubt this one because you said the fluid was red and not burnt).

Yes, you can keep an eye on the leak and make sure it is topped off if low. Long story --> short, eventually you will need a professional mechanic.