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Support for the CQ57 series of Compaq notebook computers.

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How to fix Boot device is not found?

My laptop jst pop up with this massage of boot device not found

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Hi @katrolmatlou

What OS is installed on the laptop, Win7, Win8, Win10,

Linux etc?

Can you hear the HDD spin up when the laptop is first turned on?

Is the HDD being shown as being detected in BIOS?


If you can give us a look into what you see when booting we can give a better diagnosis. Follow this guide to help us give a better diagnosis.

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@jayeff Win8 is unlikely. It's either 7 or 10 with these. I suspect it probably runs 10 given it was free for anyone with a 7/8/10 license.



Just covering all bases ;-)



@jayeff Heh, I'm not convinced it's necessarily worth doing from a monetary perspective. But OP can probably get ~6 months or so of extra time with a cheap SSD before the true demise comes. I remember this model so well because it had a motherboard issue 11 months in and nearly went OOW before it failed.


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Usually a bad hard drive. Whether or not it's worth it to you given the age of the laptop (and the abysmal nature of it being a modern Compaq where HP dumped their waste components into before killing them and then releasing pure garbage consumer line models to do the same job) is up to you, especially given this laptop will not run W11 and W10 is EOL in 2025. You can get a 500GB SSD that will work for this for $53 if you go through with the repair, so it isn't that expensive; keep the SSD when you retire the laptop. If it's running Win10 with a digital license, download the image from Microsoft using the MCT on a working machine and write it to a 16GB USB drive.

To change the drive on this, remove this cover and use a Phillips #1 screwdriver:

Block Image

If I remember the CQ56 correctly (I remember the HS parental ultimatum more than the full procedure 😂), there was no SATA connector on the board; you unplugged a cable that connected to the motherboard and then 4 screws to remove the entire caddy. 4 screws held it into the same caddy, you use the same screwdriver. Early models used a bridge connector like the IDE HP laptops and the earlier models like the 2007 DV.

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