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Whirlpool WTW4816FW or the Maytag Centennial washer MVWC415EW2.

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I offer a challenge to all that are interested.

Any washing machine from GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, lg, etc. that has a lid lock switch that will not allow you to open the lid until the drum comes to a complete stop which is about 5 minutes after the load has been washed, the challenge is this: come up with a motor or drum brake so that as soon as the load is done it comes to an immediate stop, thereby actually eliminating the need for a lid lock switch. This is whirlpools major failing that they can't come up with a motor break or drum brake as soon as that lid is opened.

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There's a potential workaround here that may work. If you can remove the switch and jump the wires without throwing an error, then you can completely bypass it; but you might as well bypass the sensor the same way if it has one. If it throws an error, you might need to "lock it" externally and then keep it that way to avoid an issue.

Usually you can bypass it by jumping the wires, but I generally don't recommend messing with it until you have an issue. Leave the switch in for appearance purposes, but jump the wires and put it inside that way.

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Here's the problem with jumping the wires...most lid lock switches have three & most have four wires, but shorting out the wires is really unnecessary and very dangerous because number one it has a lid lock release on the control panel and secondly if you short out the wires there's a 99% chance you're going to burn out the motherboard and that's $200 off the rip... not a good idea. But this was NOT the challenge. The challenge as stated was to find a way to put a motor or drum brake on the unit so that they stop immediately when the load was done, foregoing the issue of some people being impatient try to force the lid open and break the switch.

Nice try though Nick.



Don't know the full details but you could try what F&P do (did) with their washers.

They didn't have a lid lock, just a lid switch and when the lid was opened during the spin cycle, the motor was thrown into reverse, so to speak bringing the tub to a halt in about 3-5 seconds.

Of course the machine didn't have a belt drive as it has a direct drive motor (example to show motor).

Just a thought


Thank you jayeff, that would seem like a plausible solution, though I would surmise that it would put a hell of a strain on that motor/transmission. The other workaround would be to disconnect the lid strike from the washing machine cover and leave it stuck in the lid lock switch, removing it and then reinserting it for each load, thereby resetting the computer system.

That's the other reason you don't want to try and bypass the wiring on the lid block switch because you'll fry that $200 board and that's really not worth it. Thank you for your answer.



Just curious what would happen if you simply turn off the power to the machine at the end of a cycle? Would it stop any quicker?


Actually no, That's specific washer the Whirlpool will take at least 5 minutes to spend down to stop at the end of the wash cycle before it will release the lid lock which is like I said whirlpool's major failing on these machines and it's not just whirlpool machine to do that.


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