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A rotary tool made by the Dremel company. It is model number 395 and runs at 5000-35,000rpm.

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Dremel 3000 will only work when pressing side lid


We have a dremel 3000, which is similar to the Multipro 395 because both have a plastic lid with an inner thread that pushes a copper coil.

Block Image

Our lid is loose and thus, the coil does not make proper contact with the metal piece inside. When we push with a finger it works well. Any idea on how to fix that ?

Update (09/02/2022)

I think this is a similar problem and this a solution, right?
However, they do not specify how to dissasembly to Dremel, any help?

Update (09/14/2022)

We opened it and found out that a metal piece had broken

Block Image

We added a small metal piece to ensure contact is made and it works!

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Here's a link that may help.

Click on the appropriate model number for your Dremel 3000 to view the parts diagram for that model.

You may be able to work out how it's assembled from the diagram.

It also shows the part numbers for all the parts so if one is broken you may be able to find a replacement by searching for the part number.

Just what I'd try.

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