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A 13-inch "2-in-1" laptop with a 360-degree hinge that allows it to convert to a tablet-like form factor.

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dell inspirion touchsceen is not working

why is my touchscreen not working?

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Joe Schmitt could be a software issue. Check and reinstall your drivers. I would check with Dell on here to see if there are any updated drivers that may be needed. You can get the service manual from here or use Dell Inspiron 13-5378 Display Assembly Replacement in case you will have to change your display due to a bad digitizer.

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Dell uses a HW controller that's not driver dependent - it sort of acts like a mouse. It sounds like a connection, cable or controller issue.

I have a FHD Touch E7440, so I know that's the case. It may be different now on the newer machines, but anything that's over 5 years old tends to use a discrete controller in conjunction with the non-touch display. I'm posting this as a comment because I'm not as familiar with how the new machines do it -- I know the legacy 14+ machines use a discrete controller, but I wouldn't be surprised if the newer machines use a panel that integrates it into the driver board, and it uses a wider cable.


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