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Device repair and troubleshooting for the Dell Inspiron 15 inch laptop computer with model number 3567.

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Laptop not switching on but caps lock lights up why?

I cleaned my dell inspiron15 3576 motherboard using 70% isopropyl alcohol and after 1hour tried to switch it on and saw my caps lock light is continuosly on for a minute while no other response from the system. I tried everything replacing ram slots,removing each device from laptop,removing cmos battery,pressing powerbutton for 30s and when i plug my charger i noticed the battery is not showing charging light, plus always the same thing caps lock light is on for some time.

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Did you remove the battery from the laptop, before cleaning the motherboard, you didn't say?

With the battery connected, there is still power on the motherboard even though the laptop is turned off. Think of the laptop as being in an extremely low power state and not completely disconnected from the power. The Power On button is not a power isolating button. It is used to signal the user's intentions to the BIOS

Even IPA will conduct electricity when it is still wet and hasn't evaporated.

Why was it necessary to clean the motherboard?


@jayeff Yeah I'm asking the same question as you on the IPA cleaning. If it was dust, canned air would have been enough. If OP didn't understand how intolerant new Dells are, then they may have did a number on their laptop for no good reason.

Reason I mentioned the intolerance to "cheap" RAM on the new Dells is I abused how tolerant the old DDR2 boards are as a kid as a necessity (now cheapness), so I know how much is too much - the extreme tolerances like being able to put different modules ended with the stricter JDEC standards. I blame JDEC for Dell tightening the play levels more, rather than Dell getting mad at people for playing compatibility gambles (people abusing the compatibility tolerance without proper research/testing for many years did no favors either).

Even my D630 runs a mixed pair (Kingston top/SK Hynix bottom), but instead of whatever I could throw at it like I did back then, I matched as much as I can for a speed bump (matched 533>mixed 667, but I keep the original 533 RAM around just in case). I no longer recommending "abusing" how tolerant your board is due to how strict even the JDEC standard is - save that compatibility lottery for old machines you treat as "toys"! Dell went from "a module is a module, figure it out if it isn't too insanely off", to "we have to tighten up how far people can take this" within 1 GENERATION of machines (Ivy>Haswell).


@jayeff i have one more laptop which is very old and i clean it with isopropyl ones in a few years. It is still working. My dell laptop i removed the cable, battery, all the stuffs and kept pressing on power button for one minute to drain out remaining current from motherboard and then opened it and took the motherboard apart to clean and wipe using a ear bud. I returned each part very slowly and carefully back to its place. And even though the motherboard doesn't respond. There is no signs of burn any where on board except this caps lock thing.


@nick i added an extra ram to it since the model of the lap was very slow from begining.and i noticed some other things too.the laptop processor only comes with 2.2ghz speed.and after i added an extra 8gb ram and updated the drivers and windows important updates .the system became normal as any other laptops .note: (i did not install official graphics driver from dell instead installed the supported intel driver).which give me more fps during game play and more performance. Also, official driver accelerator of dell .after all installed when i opened task manager i found the speed of laptop is now 3.4ghz. i realise peoples complaint about dell being slow is because, they dont do windows updates and latest version of drivers.this is very important for dell laptops. My sony or hp laptop never needed such precisions to perform its best.


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Dell has been building machines that are more picky about RAM since Haswell with DDR3L, so you need to stick to using quality RAM in anything newer than Ivy Bridge if you aren’t working with original modules (usually Samsung if factory installed). I usually recommend Crucial (Micron) or Kington in the Dells for aftermarket, as it seems to be accepted the best. They aren’t as picky as HP (will reject with a POST error if the timing is inconsistent on Elite and Z), but Dell has clamped down on the tolerances with the newer computers since you can’t get away with as much when the tolerances got as tight as they are on the voltages (1.3V for DDR3L, down to 1.2V for DDR4).

It sounds like you may have spilt something on the motherboard since you mentioned IPA - if you’ve already tried to repair it at the board level, then usually that means there’s serious damage somewhere that will not easily be repaired. Might be time for a new motherboard or laptop, since the boards can be quite expensive.

Look at it this way, especially on the RAM tolerances Dell has pushed on: I miss the days when you can get whatever is cheap on eBay as long as it works with 1.5V DDR3, but they had to do it because the voltage tolerance between DDR3 and DDR3L was reduced by .2V; DDR4 bumps that to .3V, so it was unavoidable. You can’t get away with accepting anything that’s in the slot when you went from 1.5V down to 1.2V! Even then, it was better to use good RAM but if you got it cheap and were okay with the very real risk of a no POST, it usually worked.

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I have two rams, one is kingston and other one is crucial. Both are 8gb each. My laptop was working fine till i cleaned it with proply alcohol.i bought it last year and it is manufactured on 2018.i don't have a multi meter to check any shots on the board so i am not sure about any other issues with the laptop. But if i remember correctly while i was cleaning the board (other side of fan or processor) i found a small piece of corroded metal piece(small as a single grain). I dont know this have anything to do with laptops behaviour.


@Pranov George Yeah these new Dells DO NOT like mixed pairs either - must match. I remember when you can put mixed modules in DDR2 machines like the D630 too. Again, I miss it but understand WHY.

In fact, I took advantage of that early extreme tolerance when I was younger a lot and so did people doing upgrades, but it was always a question mark.


@Pranov George

I meant did you remove the battery before starting the cleaning not when trying to get it going again

The "small piece of corroded metal piece(small as a single grain)." sounds like it is a component that has been removed from the board. Normally there is nothing loose in a laptop.

The only thing that I suggest that you can do now is that you get a schematic and use it to find out what's wrong. It seems as though it is a motherboard problem and the schematics will help.

The link is an example for a supplier only. I couldn't find a free one online. You may have better luck


@nick@jayeff problem solved !! I called many technicians asking for them to do a home service. But they couldn't come plus they all came to a conclusion that my ic or mother board is at fault and need a checkup. But i refused to belive it since there was no burn or any kind of incidents related to it. So i used a hair dryer and cleaned each and every neck of the mother board. and wola!! He came like a genie. Thanks for your response and giving some suggestions


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