Fixing the GPU fan (OEM Radeon 7570)?

I have had this XPS 8500 I’ve had for a while. I recently put an SSD in to get some extra time out of it. However, after my SSD upgrade the GPU fan began rattling after I put it back into place after the SSD installation.

The card it came with is it’s original 7570 - which was paired to an i7-3770 non-K CPU so I don’t have any reason to keep using this card, if it wasn’t for the power supply situation. Dell put a 460W unit in the machine, which has the PCIe connectors but if I try to put a reasonably beefy GPU in the overload protection kicks in so in order to replace the card, I also need to change the power supply.

Is there anything I can try to do to save the fan at this point? As much as I’d like to scrap the factory GPU as well (non-original hard drives and wireless, so it’s been modified), the power supply is a hindrance to getting it done for the time being.

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Hi @nick ,

Did you try lubricating the fan?

Usually the label in the centre of the fan peels off and you can use a syringe (or similar) to put a drop or two of light machine oil down the shaft and bearings.

Using a syringe is more precise as you don't want to over lubricate it

Pharmacists give me a funny look when I go in and ask for a syringe with the largest needle opening that they've got, but realize and give it, when I explain what I use it for. The standard syringe size e.g. for diabetics, drug users etc is way too small to get the oil through. Maybe I should see a equine vet instead ;-)

The syringe lasts a long time but because I leave it "primed" with oil, eventually the rubber? perishes and it starts to leak and has to be replaced. Not too bad though about once every 10 years or so unless I'm clumsy and drop it and it breaks the needle


@jayeff Yeah I need to see, but I believe the OEM 7570 uses a sealed bearing fan. I'm hoping there's a way in, but I need to take the card out and see on a day I'm off.

I know about cards like the 1050Ti, but I would need to see if it will work due to the power supply they put in. I'm going to have to see what kind of load currently exists and make sure it can breathe if I try my luck with a card like that.


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