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Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The 15-p is more difficult to service then later 15-x models.

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Hp 15-P077SA replacement hinge

Is there anywhere i can order a replacement hinge/bracket for my 15-P077SA in the uk?

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Not for exact model but does your look like this one?


@aactech Not even close - the 15-p requires display assembly removal.


@nick Can you help Claire?


@aactech Already posted a guide and some information. I'm (unfortunately) a little familiar with this design.


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In order to replace the hinges on these laptops, you will need to remove the entire display assembly, and then disassemble the LCD assembly to the point you can remove the hinges. On this model it requires extensive disassembly due to the design of these pre 15-ab systems. I would also check the plastic near the standoffs to make sure it isn’t due to the plastic failing due to possible ABS contraction since it isn’t unheard of on the HP Consumer laptops.

This is not your exact model but it is similar. Some do have 3 screws under the battery while others have one, but this guide will get you to a point you can replace the hinges. It may be better to buy a whole back LCD lid, especially if you see other issues like possible ABS fatigue. At that point you'd carry your camera, display and cable over. This laptop is not as nice as some of the newer ones to work on for DIYers. No need to remove the motherboard or power jack - the group who made it added it and it may be completely unnecessary.

As far as buying them, HP only sells them as a set (which is a good thing) - when one wears, the other one usually isn’t far off or they don’t feel right because one is new and the other has some wear. The HP Spare# is 762520-001.

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Thank you for the reply although I already have the details of how to change/replace them, I'm looking for where I can buy the actual replacement hinges from


@clairelouise I'll get some details on that. I wasn't sure if you knew how. What country you're in affects who has them, but if you search the HP Spare# you'll be able to find a seller.


I did go onto the hp website and there was a link about parts but no joy on any parts for it


@clairelouise I got that by searching p263nr. The lid is the same - just a different color. Yeah, I found the same thing.

The primary difference is the specs and processor. The p263nr is an AMD A10 machine vs an Intel i3 Haswell.


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