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A business class notebook manufactured by HP in 2014. Model number: M0X64US#ABA

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Laptop not switching on with battery sometimes

My laptop switch on when connected to power. If you don't use it for about 5 days, it can switch on on battery. When it's in power, it does not charge the battery more than 76%.

So sometime it works on battery and sometimes it doesn't. What could be the problem

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Do you know if the battery is original? This was released 6 years ago and most PC batteries last 2-3/4 years.

If you can get it to start without the battery, one of the cells is bad. Refer to this guide to disconnect it and see - that should be sufficient for troubleshooting unless it has to come out due to it’s design.

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Thank you for your quick response.

I bought this pc from ebay UK.

I ordered a brand new battery after this problem started. But the problem is still there


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