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Device and repair information for the Dell XPS 13 laptop models 9343 and 9350, which were both released in 2015.

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Four flashes. Battery isn’t recognized by laptop.

Just replaced my dying battery with one from ifixit.

The white charging light appears when I attach the ac adapter, then I get four orange flashes.

The internet says this means a bad battery. Did I receive a bad battery or is there something else that could be at play here?

EPILOGUE: I followed the recommendation, started the process. For giggles, I unplugged and repeated the connection and realized it had been user error. Fixit troubleshooting 101.

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What happens if you leave it on charge for a while, does it stop flashing?

Have you tried re-installing the old battery to check if the problem is still there, assuming that it didn't do this before?


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EPILOGUE: I followed the recommendation of jayeff and started the process of confirming connectivity with the old battery. For giggles, I unplugged and repeated the connection and realized it had been user error. I just hadn’t pushed the connector in far enough. Shame on me. Fixit troubleshooting 101.

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I am having the same problem you've described, but with no luck on playing with the connection. The old battery re-connected just fine, but the ifixit battery didn't. After hours of sitting plugged in, the flashing orange light continues, and when I unplug the computer it immediately dies. So the battery isn't connecting. Makes me wonder if i got a bad battery.


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discosammy enter the "Epilogue" as an answer so we can mark this question as resolved.

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