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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8+. Released in April 2017.

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IMEI number as "unknown"

So, I got my hands to a Samsung Galaxy s8 plus. I flashed it to the “normal” ROM, and now it’s working as a normal phone but the cellular service just doesn’t work. Do any of you know a way to get it working?


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Is it a live demo phone or a retail model? If it’s a demo model it’ll have all of the hardware but the baseband, so it cannot make phone calls and naturally lacks an IMEI number.

If this is a retail phone with a baseband, someone changed the IMEI and got the procedure wrong. This isn’t something most end users can fix, so the phone part is usually considered “dead” when they get this wrong. It is possible to recertify the IMEI and restore it, but the certificate and IMEI data both need to match and it’s probably long gone. I’m not going to find or post any links on how to do this (I don’t want to have to answer if my answer is used to resell a stolen phone). If you know how, you know where to start. If you don’t know what JTAG or ADB stands for without using Google, you’ll kill the phone, or any window to “recertify” the device’s IMEI and fix the issue!

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I took my phone in to get a new display and the guy just took my mother and daughter board and put them in a gutted Galaxy S8+ and put my back cover on. I got home and it wont connect to my phone service.He didn't tell me until I threatened to call the police.but how my IMEI is correct but my phone shows up as a dark blue model when it should say it's a violet gray one. How can I fix this mess.He gave me the leftovers of my violet gray Galaxy S8+ so I have all these parts but I have no idea what part he put in that makes it show up as a black/blue colored phone with this number after it shows my correct imei...R58J46G38TB and when I search t&is it says it means its the the black/blue model. So I now have my phone and the one he called the donor phone but no idea how to fix. He says he only took the mother and daughter board out of my cell phone and put it in the black/blue phone with a good display on it. He said it keeps him from having to pull the battery He wont fix it because he said he isn't sure how


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This happened to me two days ago. I installed a wrong firmware and my phone lost IMEI number and baseband. You should search for csc code. You can find it in download mode. Then go to sammobile or any other website and look for correct firmware that matches your build number. Search using your csc code ( region of galaxy s8 model). Once you download the firmware. Install it using odin. And use non home csc file. It will wipe your data. But you'll get your IMEI number back.

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Can you please elaborate the entire procedure of getting back IMEI in samsing s8 plus . My samsung s8 plus is working fine except showing IMEI as unknown and No Sim signals.


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