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The Samsung Galaxy Tablet E 9.6 was announced June, 2015 and released on July 2015. When repairing this device, a few basic tools available from will be necessary. Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 is available as 8GB or 16 GB versions, expandable by micro SD. It was sold in two colors: Pearl White and Metallic Black.

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schematics and / or boardview

Block Image

does anyone have boardview etc, missing pads on lcd connector and need to find jumper locations. thanks

@oldturkey03 its a sm-t560

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@djdannyrock any more information on this. Like a SM-T561 or SM-T560 etc.? What pads are missing? Post some images....


will get that done soon


pin 8 and 9 from the right of the photo


@refectio do you have any idea


Sorry...I don't have anything either.


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@djdannyrock only thing from the T560 I have thus far is the usual Samsung LCD troubleshooting schematic.

Block Image

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thanks but doesnt show where the pins go, it also shows 36 pins and the 1 i have is 34 pin


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