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Xbox One controller was introduced in 2016 with the launch of the Xbox One S and adds Bluetooth support for Windows 10/11. This controller fixes many of the design flaws found on the Model 1537/1697 controllers and is much more reliable. This controller has been replaced with the improved Model 1914 controller.

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Wireless Controller doesnt work [PC]

So Ive had my current Xbox wireless controller for a few months. Everything worked perfectly until 10 minutes ago. It suddenly stopped working, no buttons were registering. The problem is that my PC recognizes the controller, the xbox light on the controller itself is on, if I plug in/out the usb reciever, the windows connect/disconnect sound goes off but if I go to controller settings where you can calibrate it etc, no buttons are registering no matter what I press. The controller itself works, tried it on another PC and it works normally.

Any advices what to do? I've already reinstalled the drivers, tried switching USB ports but nothing works

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This is (unfortunately) a very common driver problem on Windows 7/8.x systems. It doesn't happen on Windows 10, but 7 and 8.x are known for this problem. Windows 8.x is nowhere near as bad as 7, but it still happens. I’ve described the fix here: troubleshooting Wiki.

The fix for these systems is to manually install the driver. The 1708 is new enough I'm hesitant to recommend the .exe driver (it’s ~5 years old). The Update Catalog driver is much newer at this point. While it’s clear Microsoft will never improve the situation, my W7/8.x fix is permanent; just don’t remove the driver and apply the fix right away if you replace your system or reinstall.

If you continue having problems, try using the controller over MicroUSB. If you have better luck, there may be a fault with the controller on the IR or Bluetooth** side.

**Bluetooth only works in Windows 10

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