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The XPS 13 9360 is a 13-inch laptop released in 2016 with a 7th-generation Intel processor inside. It was updated in 2017 with an 8th-generation processor.

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Can a xps13 9350 keyboard fit a 9360?

Hi I'm looking to replace my dell spx13 9360`s keyboard but apparently there's not yet the spare part on the market, so I wonder if the 2016's 9350 model with fit, as they are almost identical machines? thank you

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I had not confirmed, but I think the answer is a yes.

Note that there are two types of keyboard: Those with tall Enter/Return key, and those with a short Enter/Return

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It isn't unusual for Dell to use the same part across the series -- the model is usually how they identify the spec on the consumer side. Business is trickier as there's multiple configurations under the same model (ex: some 7490's have an i5 and others have an i7, screens can vary for 768p TN to FHD IPS). However, one can feel it out blind by figuring out common configurations (Ex: i7-8650U/16GB RAM/FHD IPS screen, i5-8250U/4GB RAM/128GB SSD/768p TN, i5-8350U/8GB RAM/256GB SSD/FHD IPS). It isn't as nice as the HP #ABA "ready to ship" model as it's far from exact, but even than you can only use the #ABA number with confidence on "ready to ship" anyway. It's not reliable with CTO versions of the machine (though you only see that on the "premium" or business class lines, everything else is all ready to ship). They have a "CTO" #ABA number, a generic number or a unique one based on your choices. Yes, CTO also comes at a minor premium as well so it's not a common option unless you're me and you need to be a bit choosy on replacement hardware.

XPS is a consumer product, so it uses the same chassis with often the same part number. I'm not going to downvote this as it's mildly unknown knowledge, but if it's off by the last digit you're usually okay but yes, double check in some cases, especially if you aren't sure. I go off of the DP/N for Dell due to their shared parts.


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**Old post, answering for completion due to low quality previous answer**

It depends on if they share the same DP/N — Dell often uses the same parts across the same series but alters the model to designate different specs. For example, yours. A 9360 keyboard (if the layout is correct) usually works, but that’s because the 9360 is usually a higher specced variant of the 9350. It means you can’t use a 9350 heatsink and motherboard in a 9360 UNLESS the variation is RAM/SSD/factory WLAN configuration, but the remaining parts usually interchange easily.

This is the one for the 9350 (DKDXH). As you can see, the 9360 uses the same part. This isn’t HP Consumer where parts are specific enough you need to be sure.

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