Replaced iPhone 6 Lightning Connector, now cellular reception is poor

Hi all,

I replaced my iPhone 6 Lightning Connector with a new ifixit version because it was not charging very well. Anyway, the phone is all back together and my cellular service is extremely poor now. Any ideas what the problem may be? I've taken apart several iPhones and I'm pretty sure I got everything back together correctly (including the antenna connector), but I certainly could have missed something. Is it possible the ifixit replacement part is perhaps a lesser component? Was there some critical step in the process that could make or break the cell reception?



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Small parts, such as the Lightning flex, generally suffer from poor quality. If you bought it from iFixit, they will stand behind it and exchange it under warranty. However, before doing that, go back through the guide to make sure you didn't make a mistake.

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My guess is he needs to look at step 21.


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Have you tried reseting the network settings?

Settings- general - reset - reset network settings.

See if that works.

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I had the same problem after doing this repair myself. I then replaced the original part and the signal was fine again. Next I got a replacement part from a different source (not ebay) fitted that, and all is good. So my experience is it was a faulty part. This seems to be a common problem.

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