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The LG Dare is a CDMA touchscreen phone, released in 2008. It is identifiable by the model number VX9700.

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Why cant I get service?

Well i dropped my phone and i had service before i dropped it and then after i couldnt get service but my account is active

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Are you able to make emergency calls? (911)


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It sounds like the antenna connection came loose when you dropped the phone. Take the phone apart and reseat the connector, along with securing any screws used to hold the antenna in.

The guide to open the phone can be found here: LG Dare Logic Board Replacement

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How do u tighten the antenna


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it could also be the antenna switch or the power amp.

how old is the phone and has the dropping leaved any marks on the phone ?

if you still have warranty and the phone has no signs of dropping i would try to let lg fix that problem.

it exists some kind of disassembly guide for that phone - but the picture quality is not very good and it's more for the experienced user

but you can take a look if you want: CLICK here

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