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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Camera won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on.

Battery is not charged

The battery may not have enough charge to turn on. Take the battery out of the camera and put it on the battery charger for a few hours. Then put the battery back into the camera and turn it on.

Battery connections are dirty or damaged

The battery may not be making full and direct contact with the camera inside the battery chamber. Make sure the camera is off then remove the battery and inspect the connection points. You'll want to clean the battery with a damp towel and dry it thoroughly, or use a can of pressurized air to clean the inside of the battery chamber quickly. Inspect the battery for damage paying special attention to the connection points. If the battery's contacts are damaged, get a new battery. Otherwise remount the battery and power the camera back on.

Camera displays Errors 01 or 02

These errors indicate a problems with the battery in your Samsung camera. Take the battery out of the camera, check that the metal connections and the battery compartment are clean and free of debris. You may use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe the battery compartment clean of debris. Reinsert the battery in the correct direction and try to turn the camera back on.

Battery needs to be replaced

If the previous solutions do not solve the problem, consider replacing the battery. The manufacturer's part number for the battery is ED-BP1130; it can be ordered from the Samsung website or any other e-commerce retailer.

The power turns off suddenly or the screen turns off automatically

When I was using my camera, the screen went black and was unresponsive.

Camera may be on Power Save mode

Check that you camera is not in Power Save mode; if so, your camera will shut off when not used for a set amount of time. The camera will retain the Power Save settings even if you replace the battery. Likewise, the camera may be turned off automatically to prevent it from being damaged due to excessive heat. Allow the camera to cool down before turning your camera back on.

The camera loses power quickly

Battery is depleting faster than normal.

The battery is being used under extreme conditions

The battery may lose power quickly when used under low temperatures (below 0 °C/32 °F). For cold environments, keep the battery warm by putting it into your pocket when the camera is not in use. Batteries should not be used at temperatures exceeding 40 °C/104 °F, as such high temperatures will reduce the charging capacity of the battery. Additionally, under no circumstances should the battery be exposed to temperatures of over 60 °C/140 °F, as these may burst and cause damage to the camera and potentially the user.

The camera is being used extensively

The expected performance of a fully charged battery can be found under the Power Source section of the NX300's repair guide. Using flash and recording high definition video depletes the battery at a faster rate. Recharge or replace the battery when needed.

The battery needs to be replaced

Batteries are impermanent parts that must be replaced over time. Get a new battery if the battery life is diminishing quickly.

Black or blank screen when the camera turns on

Screen does not display any image, even if other functions on the camera still work.

The camera has overheated

The AMOLED screen may have overheated due to extensive use. Likewise, prolonged used of the camera will cause the internal temperature of the camera to rise and overheat the motherboard and battery. If the camera stops operating, remove the battery and allow the camera to cool down before powering it back on. Do not attempt to charge an overheated battery.

There is moisture inside the camera

If the camera is used or stored in overly moist environments, moisture can interfere with the communications between the lens, the motherboard and the AMOLED screen, as the circuits may have corroded or otherwise become damaged. In this case, the motherboard will have to be replaced.

Camera does not capture photos

Camera displays Error 00

This error message indicates a problem with lens installation. Shut the camera off and carefully remove the lens. Make sure that the mount connections on both the camera and the lens are not damaged and are free of debris. If so, remount the lens and power the camera back on.

Capture screen remains black or shows no image

Ensure that the lens is properly installed. If necessary, remove the lens and remount it.

CMOS sensor is malfunctioning or damaged

Should all other functions on the device be working correctly, yet, while on capture mode, the camera does not display an image, the CMOS sensor may no longer be functional or otherwise be damaged. The CMOS sensor replacement guide will show you how to complete the part replacement.

Memory card is not working

The memory card does not record files or is not responding.

Memory card may be full

There is no space in the memory card to store photos or video. Delete or download any unwanted files or install an new memory card.

The memory card is locked

Remove the memory card and ensure that the switch is set to 'unblocked.' Remount the memory card.

Memory card has an error

Shut the camera off, then turn it on again. If the problem persists, remove and remount the memory card. You can reformat your memory card if it still has an error, but doing so will erase everything on it. Should the memory card not be recognized by neither the camera and another device, like a laptop or smartphone, your memory card may be defective; get a new memory card in this case.

Memory card has overheated or is damaged

Avoid using memory cards at temperatures exceeding 40 °C/104 °F, as these may become nonfunctional. Remove the memory card from the camera and allow it to cool down prior to reuse. Should your memory card become warped or is otherwise damaged, get a new memory card.

Memory card reader is damaged

Should the card reader not be functioning, it may be damaged. As the card reader is a component of the camera's motherboard, it may be necessary to replace this entire board; our motherboard replacement guide will help you with this repair.

Odd coloration or blurriness on photos

When I look at the photos on the screen, the coloration is out of place or there are consistent blurs on the photos.

Photos are often blurry or out of focus

If there is consistent blurriness on the photos, the lens may be dirty and unable to focus. Check the lens to see if it is clean. If not, clean the lens carefully with lens cleaning solution and a microfiber towelette. Make sure that the lens is properly mounted prior to attempting any new shots.

Lens is exhibiting discoloration

The lens may be warped or discolored due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures. The lens will have to be replaced.

Light sensor is damaged

Over time, the light sensor can become damaged from over use or from prolonged exposure to sunlight. The sensor will have to be replaced.

Command buttons or dials are not working

The command buttons, jog or mode dials are not responding or are stuck.

Command buttons are not responding

Should any wear and tear or accidental damage occur to the camera's main command buttons, located on its back panel, these many have to be replaced; our menu buttons replacement guide will show you how.

The jog and mode dials are not responding or stuck

Dirt or excessive moisture may have gotten inside these dials' working mechanisms; likewise, this dials may not respond due to extensive wear and tear. At some point, it may become necessary to access the dials' internal mechanisms to either clear debris or completely replace them. Please follow the jog and mode replacement guide to service your camera.

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My samsung nx 300 wont turn off when it already in shutdown mode,how to fix it? It still on off on off on off like that


Ferdian - Responder

Same problemen here. Have you been able to fix it? I can only turn the camera off by removing the battery.

Angelhair -

Hi i have this problem and the lens keeps going in and out when turned off did you find a solution please

sandratubbs -

I hav the same problem AS You Sandratubbs. Do You fond a solusion ?

kpjoe -

Same here. Solution ?

kpjoe -

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