PlayStation 3 Troubleshooting

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers all Playstation 3 consoles.

PS3 Does Not Turn On ¶ 

Your PS3 will not boot.

Power Cable ¶ 

Verify that the power cable is plugged in properly and not loose. Also, verify that your source of power (the outlet) functions correctly.

Yellow Light of Death ¶ 

The indicator light on the PlayStation 3 starts green, switches to yellow, and then quickly switches to red, and blinks indefinitely.

The PlayStation 3 will display this error for two different reasons. To determine what is causing the error on your console, turn the console on, and listen closely for the fan. If the fan powers on briefly, and then switches off, you have an issue with the motherboard. If the fan does not power on at all, then you likely have an issue with the power supply.

Motherboard ¶ 

The most common cause of the YLOD error and the PlayStation 3 failing to boot is a hardware malfunction on the motherboard. The error is caused by the failure of the solder joints between the CPU and GPU and the motherboard. This error can be fixed by re-soldering the chips to the motherboard, and, while not a 100% guaranteed fix, it is the best option for repairing the YLOD. iFixit offers both kits and guides to facilitate this fix.

Power Supply ¶ 

One cause of the PlayStation 3 not booting is a faulty power supply. A much smaller percentage of PS3 consoles will display the yellow light as a result of a faulty power supply. If the power supply is faulty, then it will need to be replaced.

PS3 Doesn't Read Optical Media ¶ 

There are two models of Blu-ray drives for the fat models of PlayStation 3, each with parts specific to their own model. The easiest way to tell which kind of drive is in your PlayStation 3 is to take the drive out and look at it. If the drive has an exposed control board on the bottom of the Blu-ray drive, the Blu-ray drive's model number is KEM-400. If there is no exposed control board, then the Blu-ray drive's model number is KEM-410.

If your PlayStation 3 is not reading discs, or is reading discs inconsistently, then follow this flow chart to fully diagnose the problems with your Blu-Ray Drive.

Step 1. Insert a disk into the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Drive

  • Q1. Does the PlayStation accept the disk?
    • Yes - Go to "Step 2"
    • No - Go to "Q2"
  • Q2. Is the Blu-Ray Drive Blocked?-There is a physical barrier preventing your PS3 from drawing in disks
    • Yes - Go to "SOLUTION: Gear Alignment Reset"
    • No - Go to "Q3"
  • Q3. Does the disk eventually get drawn into the console? - You push the disk in ~3/4 of the the way, and the mechanism draws the disk into the console
    • Yes - Go to "SOLUTION: Broken sensor board."
    • No - Go to "SOLUTION: Faulty Control Board"

Step 2. Clean the Disk - Using a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, clean the disc.

  • Q4. Does the PlayStation read both Blu-ray disks and DVDs?
    • Yes - Go to "SOLUTION: Your done!
    • No, it reads one media type, but not the other - Go to "Step 5"
    • No - Go to "Step 3"

Step 3. Eject the disk

  • Q5. Did the disk come out in the same orientation that it was inserted?
    • Yes - Go to "Step 5"
    • No - Go to "Step 4"

Step 4. Re-insert the disk into the PlayStation 3

  • Q6. Is the loading wheel present on the XMB?
    • Yes - Go to "Step 5"
    • No - Go to "SOLUTION: Faulty Control Board"

Step 5. Clean the Lens

  • Q7. Does the PlayStation read both Blu-ray disks and DVDs?
    • Yes - Go to "SOLUTION: You're done!
    • No, it reads one media type, but not the other - Go to "SOLUTION: Faulty Lens"
    • No - Go to "Step 6"

Step 6. Eject the disk

  • Q8. Did the disk come out in the same orientation that it was inserted?
    • Yes - Go to "SOLUTION: Faulty Lens"
    • No - Go to "Step 7"

Step 7. Re-insert the disk into the PlayStation 3

  • Q9. Is the loading wheel present on the XMB?
    • Yes - Go to "SOLUTION: Faulty Lens"
    • No - Go to "SOLUTION: Faulty Control Board"

Solution: Gear Alignment Reset

Realigning the gears in the blu-ray drive is fairly simple. Depending on the type of Blu-ray drive you have, you will need to either follow this guide or this guide.

Solution: Broken Sensor Board

Only the KEM-400 optical drives have IR sensors for discerning when discs are inserted into the Blu-ray drive. If your IR Sensor is no longer working, you can attempt to replace it, however, it will in no way affect the performance of your Blu-ray drive.

Solution: Faulty Control Board

If you have judged that the Control Board is no longer functioning properly, then you will likely need to send your PlayStation to Sony. The Control Board is paired to the Motherboard and will only work with its original partner board.

Solution: You're done!

If everything is working great, then you no longer need this troubleshooting guide. Congratulations!

Solution: Faulty Lens

Being a very fragile piece of technology, it is easy for the lens to break. Both types of Blu-ray drives have a specific lens that will only work with that type of drive. Depending on which type of drive you have, follow this guide (KEM-400) or this guide (KEM-410)d to replace the laser

PS3 Freezes ¶ 

The PS3 continues to freeze or has excessive lag.

Restart the PS3 ¶ 

If your PS3 freezes, turn off the game system by holding down the power button. Turn it back on by pushing the power button again.

Internet Connection ¶ 

If you have continuous, excessive lag during online play, you should first verify that the ethernet cable is properly plugged in. Also, try restarting your router and/or modem. If you continue to have lag, the problem may be your internet connection. Talk to your service provider for additional help.

Note: The PS3 is not meant to be used with dial-up connections; it is designed for broadband networks.

Hard Drive ¶ 

If your PS3 lags or freezes when loading content from the hard drive, the drive either lacks free space or is faulty. To create more space, try removing items from your hard drive or getting a new hard drive with a higher storage capacity. A faulty hard drive must be replaced.

PS3 Sound/Video Problems ¶ 

The PS3 has problems pertaining to sound and video.

Sound ¶ 

For problems with sound:

  • Verify that the TV or audio system is not muted.
  • Check the settings of your audio output device to make sure it "sees" the PS3. Also, verify that you are using the correct audio cables and that they are properly connected.
  • When playing audio discs, verify that the music you are trying to play is not copy-protected. Certain copy-protected discs may not play.
  • Verify that your system's audio input and output settings are set up correctly.

Video ¶ 

For problems with video:

  • Verify that the input mode on your TV is compatible with the connectors used by the PS3.
  • Your PS3 video settings may have compatibility issues with your video output. To reset the PS3 to standard video, disconnect all components and hold down the power button for five seconds.
  • Ensure that the video definition is the same for both the TV and the PS3. When using a HDTV, the PS3 must be properly set up or the image will be distorted.

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gerry smith - Responder

help me when i turn on my ps3 it stay with a green light but my screen says no signal so when i tried to turn off my ps3 it wont it stays on and i cant even do anything

iamthekiller91 -

i have the same problem didu find the problem?

nikosgena -

I'm having that same problem

Darrick Williams -

For those of you having the video issue most likely its an hdmi error what happens is somehow you got the setting set fir the av cables which is the same one the ps2 uses its for standard def but nothing will come on with hdmi hooked. Start your ps3 by hitting the power button but keep it held down it will beep turn off and restart you can let go as soon as its restartng this is a manual hard reset of all the settings reverting them to default it will not mess up any of your content profiles or anything like that the screen will pop up and tell you it detects hdmi if thats what ur using it will give a 30 second preview select yes to keep the settings problem fixed

Leo Pothier -

pls i hav a problem on my ps3, when i turn it on it switches itself off with a click and a beep sound, no yellow light....rely nid sme help pls

gee - Responder

I have this same exact problem did you find out an answer??please let me kno before my grandkids kill me...

pamela -

I have the exact same problem!!!, how did you solved it?

Rodrigo Marquez -

pls i have a problem with my play station 3......when ever i switch it one,it goes off itself with a click and beep sound....pls i need ur email addy is be expecting a reply please.


Dan Galadima - Responder

Pls.. I also have the same problem with my ps3 when system continues to automatically switch off whenever I switched on. And when successfully operational say for over 10-20 minutes then it switched off again. I desperately need assistance.

Gordon Willie - Responder

I have a ps3 when I turned it on today it brings up , (the file system on your system is corrupted and has to b restored ) then it only give you the option to press X to continue, when you press X it starts loading and when it hits 48 % it jumps to 100 % and the TV goes blank and you can't do nothing , any 1 have any idea please

Shane o Brien - Responder

Mine too how can it be fixed

Glen -

My grandson has it to?

matt yellow earrings -

You need to connect it to a normal computer to format it. After it's erased, reinstall it in the ps3 and it will load the required data. If your computer doesn't have the sata connectors, you can buy an external usb drive holder to do it with.

Watcher Watchmen -

I too have the issue that was mentioned in the top comments, I turn on my system and the fan doesnt engage and about 2 seconds later it turns off completely as if it lost power. I looked through the list of possibilities and none of them match. Could someone please help me out?

Alex - Responder

my ps3 sounds like its about to take off and now seems to have crashed altogether!!!!! can any1 help???.......


billy maclennan - Responder

My ps3 will turn on but then it turns it's self straight off please help

rowlandcolin80 - Responder

my ps3 said it had a dsn error so i tried to reset the system now when i try to sign into psn it loads a little then freezes. i tried to do it again then it loads a little less than before and it freezes. I try again loads less than the first two times and freezes. and it keeps loading less every time i try can someone please help me or at least send me somewhere where i can find the answer to this technical difficultly.

Pookman Rivera - Responder

my son moved the lens in our ps3 back and forth and now it wont read discs what do i do

kim binner - Responder

help plz..... When i turn it on the fan turn on 2 ............ plz help ...

Mister - Responder

where can i find the answers on these comments regarding their issues on PS3. to be clear, i do find the same exact questions with the others but no answers given or shown. How can i managed to look for the answer.

alex gordon - Responder

ps3 console 4 red dots are not flashing everything else works fine says i must wait 2- 3 hours

harley watson - Responder

I have a ps3 that turns on for a minute than off just before it starts the display on the screen. I have opened the playstation and replaced the power supply unit with a new one and I get the same problem. I also know of the two adjustment screws inside the power unit. Since I have replaced the power unit and have the same problem I disassembled the original unit and tried adjusting the screws. I have been unsuccessful with trial and error. So to reiterate I have a playstation 3 that turns on and starts operation but dies just before it displays the startup screen. I have replaced the power supply unit with a new one and have adjusted the adjustment screws on the old unit and still get the same problem with either unit. Any other ideas??

Kristofe Dulisch - Responder

ps3 saying start up error{800100006}

harlyn12 - Responder

an error occured in start up opperation {800100006} any one able to tell me what to do please

harlyn12 - Responder

When I turn on my PlayStation3 it's gives me an error message that there may be corrupted files so it needs to fix it so I do it the system restarts and freezes automatically I can't get into anything on my system plz help

steff - Responder

My PlayStation says can not start. The appropriate system storage was not found. Could somebody please help me Thanks?

jrushia0703 - Responder

Did you ever get help with this problem my daughters is doing the same thing

Mat -

My PlayStation turns on but 5 seconds to 5 minutes in. it freezes can somebody tell me what it is? ive tried almost everything

Kyrou Miratabi - Responder

Pls I need your assistance. Whenever I power it on, it blinks and the light change to yellow from which it finally turn to red light. Contacted some guys but couldn't be solved. Pls assist with best possible solution

adeolu - Responder

Play station goes off by itself.

Jorge Rosa - Responder

My daughter put a paper card in the disc slot so i took apart the ps3 to get it out. One of the white rollers to take the disc in seems to be missing so it won't load discs. I also vacuumed the dust while it was open. Now it will play movies that are already downloaded but when i try to open Netflix or playstation store the screen just turns black and i have to turn it off from the console. Did i kill it? Anyone have thoughts?

karencoutu33 - Responder


I have a ps3 slim 320 gb, i used to play it regularly but somehow yesterday when i turned it on i heard a small sound like something exploded inside & also there was some kind of smell. So i immidiately pulled the plug . By that time whenever i tried to turn it on it showed green light then the light goes completely. Please help me if you can. Thank you.

fardeenkhan97 - Responder

This stuff doesn't work I had A Piece of plastic in my playstation and It said

Albert Einstein - Responder

I have a PlayStation 3 and when I plug it in and I try to turn it on it starts up, you can hear the tray turn like it is trying to load the disk then it shuts down, I have not opened it yet. what should i try first?

stacyrenewalker - Responder

my power light keeps turning off and on by itself playstation 3

mygirleve2000 - Responder

Hey everyone,

I have a cech 2003a and just replaced the lens with a brand new one and it is still not spinning it try to read the disk but on the main screen shows that is still reading it even though I have replaced the lens, the disk goea in and the realines itself and it still do not spin iv email sony and they said send it to them when I don't have the cash to do that what else could it he iv gone through everything and have no idea what it could be,

Please can someone help iv been trying since the 1st of April to get it to work.

Thank for reading this.


Michael Reast - Responder

I am playing a role RPG game and the xp is no gaining and that will keep from leveling up.

sportscarder - Responder

My ps3 (cech 2001a) stopped reading games and disks in general. I bought a replacement and replaced it. The dealer sent a note explaining that the drive would need to be 'flashed' with the console's security key to work. Or, the easier way would be to swap the old board into the new drive. I swapped them and the drive didn't work. Swapped the new drive back and it accepts and spins but does not display that there's a disk. Anyone know how to flash this drive?

Cheffy - Responder

every time i insert a dvd into my PS3, it just goes into rewind mode non-stop. anyone know what this can be?

ffparamedikiwi - Responder

When I turn on my PS3 it says files corrupted and then I manually reset it and it freezes then I manually shut it off and it says again files corrupted and we go in that Loop over and over again can anyone help

Bianca Day - Responder

we have just bought a ps4 and put the ps3 into my sons bedroom. When we switch on the ps3 it only shows a black screen on the tv. How do we get it to work. I tried the holding the power button for five seconds or more and that did seem to work.

sjcooper5 - Responder

My ps3 won't come on displays the terms will not start system storage was not found several clicking noises.

patrickdoyle45 - Responder

Didn’t you check the HDMI?

My friend’s Bearded Dragon -

Hello everyone I really need your help I have a ps3 slim 2003a and it as stopped reading discs I have put a brand new laser and mechanism and it still does not work is there anything I can do to get it to work again as my son misses playing with his friends on it so please please help

Michael Reast - Responder

Hi plz help with my doesn't read disc at all I tried all methods to restart and restore the system but not working still

Brian -

I have a ps3 but of lately I can't watch any tv shows on the net cause non of the players are working please help

Elle jeff - Responder

Hi , my ps3 turns on fine but there's no picture I can hear everything but I can't see anything on the screen ! Can anyone help me ?

Luke Mc Caffrey - Responder

When i'm watching Netflix and Amazon both keep on stopping and restarting. Netflix with stop but the vol will keep going. Amazon will keep buffering. The internet is working and the router is good. Not sure what else to check.

redneckrider98 - Responder

I Have Had 2011 Slim Model PS3 Since 2015.I Have It Elevated,And It Is Taken Care Of Good. I Have 2 Accounts And They Both Have A Lot Of Game Saves From Multiple Games I Own. If It Gets YLOD,Is There ANY Way For Me To Recover ALL My Lost Data? Cuz I Have Completed Skyrim,Fallout NV,And I Have AT Least 25 Worlds On Minecraft.I Would Be Completely Destroyed If My PS3 Broke. Is There Any Way Do Get ALL My Data Back AND My PSN Profile? Because I'm Not Ranking Up Again On Battlefield 4.

Exodus MW3 - Responder

My PS3 says

No applicable update was found.

Connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.80 or later.

What does this mean I can't do anything.


Lee veysey - Responder

Il faut telecharger le logiciel ps3 sur le site de Sony playstation sur un pc à l'aide d'une clé usb de plus de 40G et la mettre dans un port usb de la Play et la rallumer et alors le logiciel s'installe...

darken.dlp -

The sensor that reads an incoming disk is not working-- the sensor that allows the wheel to drop down and grab/load the disk// any ideas would be greatly appreciated--

mattnscott97 - Responder

My ps3 says connect the controller using a USB cable and then press the ps button I've done all of that and it shows the same thing I need help

cdcobra03 - Responder

What did you do?

michaelleefrazee00 -

Having a problem with blu ray playback starts to jump and slow down after about 2mins of watching, DVDs work fine, as do games, turned off the 24hz output option, it then got to about 5 mins, then started jumping again. This is the first blu ray I've watched in years, and now I'm stuck on how to fix.

Dean henton-kent - Responder

When I turn in my PlayStation 3slim. It give me " the file system in the system storage is corrupted and will be retorted." I press ok and it and it proceed to download. But won't go pass 45%. It just stops

Channelle Mills - Responder

Our problem is that when I turn on the system it goes to a green screen with static. This happens about 80% of the time. How do I fix it?

Emma - Responder

I switched off my ps3 at the wall, not the unit, when I switch it back on it said I had to agree to restore corrupt files, so I just switched it off again. On switching it back on, the menu shows on the screen but wont allow me to select anything. Is my ps3 now completely unusable?

Shaun Foster - Responder

When I turn on my ps3 I get the green light but nothing else please help

wolverine_29_2002 - Responder

What's play stations # for ps3 my dlc map " invasion " is not showing up after it installed

Zachary lott - Responder

Thank you so much for your help, it seems to working ok now.

Rosalyn Williams - Responder


Ps3 won't read or display a game DVD or bd

bearnied - Responder

Can't play cod111

Won't acknowledge a game


A b lie Ray

What do i do ?

bearnied - Responder

What do you do about the PS3 disc reader if it's not broken but the cord is unplugged in the device and the warranty is voided​

Chris - Responder

Email me at

If you have a solution

Chris -

I can turn on my PS3 and it works but after I am 15 mins into a game it turns off and then the light constantly flashes red. I do not know what to do, please help

Piyush Karathia - Responder

I've hooked my ps3 to every tv in my house and I hear the game but can't see anything. Help

Bugs Bunny - Responder

My ps3 is connected to internet via tethering on my phone but i cant play online games, what do i need to do to fix this?

ben - Responder

My ps3 has white screen problem,it blinks with the white screen for 15 minutes and then becomes normal. Why is this happening???

ronald #COC!! - Responder

Everything else is fine on my PlayStation 3 that happens to be hooked up to my stereo and plasma TV, but I cannot play YouTube it keeps buffering I can't stop pause or rewind plus there's a speaker I can't get rid of

Constance Marbury - Responder

My PlayStation is hooked up to my plasma TV and stereo everything is fine Netflix Amazon everything is fine except YouTube keeps buffering I can't stop rewind or posit I have to go straight to Hung it's been like that for 2 months what can I do

Constance Marbury - Responder

I have a problem where when I turn the PlayStation 3 on, it works, but when I put a disk in the drive it clicks, makes the eject noise, and doesn't show anything. Any ideas on what I can do to fix it?

Cris P. Bacon - Responder

Hi there. I was try to replace thermal paste on my ps4 4000 model. So after that, when turn it on, it shut down. I open to see what happen and then one flat cable (from optical drive) enter in shortcut. I turn ps3 on withou optical drive and ok, but no ethernet cable detected. Only wifi. Is there a connection to ethernet cable works only if optical drive is connected?

Horst - Responder

When I turn on my PS3 it goes right to the PlayStation store and I have a game in there but it shows no disc same thing when I put in a movie what can I do to fix this

Ron - Responder

What should I do if ps3 does not display the usual screen.. it has noise but no picture?

Sharon L Tall - Responder

while playing the game it automatically switch off?

help please??

extrem.player - Responder

None of my games will load

Carson Duran - Responder

hi guys ! my ps3 was working absolutely fine amd suddenly while playing it keeps on resuming game all the time :ie i mean game starts and goes back again and resume game option is coming .This same problem i am facing while playing any game i mean i cant play any game now it always goes back to resume

robin raj - Responder

My PS3 comes on it gets to the part where you have to push ok so it can boot everything & it doesn’t do that & when you try to play a movie it is blank on the screen

Tamira Woodus - Responder

See this YouTube video I took of our Lego Dimensions game on PS3. The picture will cut out, pretty frequently. We have run all upgrades…all other games we play are fine.

Nick - Responder

How to perform a system software update to renew the encryption key to play a BD vedeo. Please andThank you !

Betty Boop - Responder

Hello, place some one tell me what to do with my PS3 , after the Photosensitive epilepsy message it's get stock and it's not doing anything

Mihai - Responder

Hello,I have a PS3 and after the Photosensitive epilepsy message it's stock it's blocked and it's not doing nothing,pls some one tell me what to do

Mihai - Responder

When i boot my ps3 it works fine but then i click for it to do the thing when it doesnt turn on correctly but when i do it goes to a black screen and doesnt move :(

Diogo Lopes - Responder

My system plays what it wants when it wants. Brand new game won't play or even show up on my start up page that there's a game even in there…

Harry Bessey - Responder

When I inserted my disc, it's say's (you cannot play this game at the current video output settings (80028F10)

Joel molina - Responder

Try to reset the video setting

Donald Avery -

In my ps3 it is not playstation network. Pless hellp.

Balhy - Responder

My kid accidently pulled the cord and the ps3 fell off the dresser to a tile floor. Now when we start it all it says is

Cannot start. The appropriate storage was not found. So does this mean its totally done with?

Cristina Garcia - Responder

You have a bad hard drive

Donald Avery -

My ps3 won't read any disc how can I fix it?

Anthony Rainwater - Responder

I have a ps3 fat, turns on and everything seems to be good, but once I put in any kind of disk the game or movie never shows up. on the top right corner of the screen it only indicates that its still loading, with a symbol of a clock passing time fast…what does this mean? Any ideas?

anahigomez45 - Responder

I have replaced disk drive in my ps3 with one i know works and still will not load could there be something else wrong with it that you have not seen?

Donald Avery - Responder

I was playing my PlayStation 3 slim. When it froze up . While i was playing. Turned it off then turned on. Saw it wouldn't read my game. Still won't. What happened and what can I do to fix it? Please help

Steven Vasquez - Responder

It's more like I been okaying for a while and the sound that's going out the spreaker gets echos. The game console is not making a noice. What is that?

Steven - Responder

My PS3 froze last night, so I turned it off and after I unplugged it and let it cool over night. I tried to plug it in turn it on and it started but isn't showing up on any input setting.its like the PS3 itself is frozen.please get back to me with answers the hold the button till it beeps twice didn't work nor has anything else worked.

Jakob Brake - Responder

Help!!! My ps3 when I plug in the power cord it has the red light when I turn it on the green turns on for like five seconds but there’s no starting thing on my tv and then all of a sudden the green light turns off and no other light come on and I haft to un plug it and plug it back in to turn it on but it happens over I don’t now what to do.( by the way my little sister grabbed the cord and pulled it and it fell like 4 feet and ever since then it has not worked.)

Joel - Responder

Helllp, my PS3 is accepting/ejecting disk and showing up on menu but when I select the game it won’t read it stays a black screen? I’ve cleaned the disk and powered off/on my ps3 what could cause this?

Crystal Sutton - Responder

Hi guys, if you want to permantly FIX YOUR PS3 Red Screem. Red light of Death, YLOD and A Range of Other problems IN JUST one Hour! or your Money back - GUARANTEED!"

Kindly see and check in this link:

Alejandro Austria - Responder

Hey man great article but needed to know if it powers on with button but does not power down or bring up a shut down with button is it the control board that needs changing

bbatsios - Responder

Cannot start the appropriate system storage was not found

David Gagliardo - Responder

Cannot start appropriate system storage not found

David Gagliardo - Responder

Need help now please

David Gagliardo - Responder

buy that product and it will help you dude

Honey Money -

what if your PS3 IFS FLICKING.

favel_robin - Responder

i have a problem where when i turn it on my ps3 wont show the picture or the audio

Gage Bell - Responder

I have a ps3 fat 64gb and it wont read discs at all, it loads forever and the discs dont pop up it just sits there and sometimes it will freeze, if anybody can help me thnks but i dont want to buy a whole new laser set to fix it

RobertP.... - Responder

Guys, if you are still having problem trying to fix your PS3 just try this link it's help i use it myself....

Gamer - Responder

playstation 3 video playback problem (sounds like chipmunks)

when i plkay a dvd movie or a downloaded movie from my computer through my ps3 it sounds like chipmunks. anyone know what the problem is?

SEAN GIVENS - Responder

hello, i recently had a lightning strike effect my tv and some other components and now i can no longer view anything from my playstation. it turns on and now i can no longer see anything. im wondering what video components i can replace on the ps3. my tv has been replaced and hdmi is working


Jerome Lagos - Responder

This book help me solve my ps3 problem it is quite cheap and helpful

Latest Movies - Responder

Solve this; my PS3 remote turns off anytime I adjust my box fan…. Makes no sense to me

2 weird Drunkards - Responder

My tv screen keeps going all fuzzy when I'm trying to play my PS3. Sometimes this lasts for a few minutes, other times it stays fuzzy indefinitely. Regardless of how long it lasts, I also cannot hear the audio until the screen gets clear. I don't know if that problem is identified above, or not. Any ideas?

Matt Marquardt - Responder

hi when i turn on the Ps3 via HDMI it boots up all ok however image has static on it, i thought it may be the HDMI chord so i changed it and the same issue still occurs. How can i fix it

dpracy - Responder

I bought a new HDMI cable for my PS3. It worked for me for about a day, then the screen went blank for a few seconds a few times. Now, the tv says it can't find a connection to my PS3. Open to any suggestions.

Matt Marquardt -

Help please. I took apart my PlayStation slim to clean the laser due to some disc reading issues and now it's not spinning the disc at all after putting everything back together. All it does is pick the disk up then puts it back down. What could it be?

Randy - Responder

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