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Phone won't turn on

Low battery

  • Check the battery meter. Charge the phone if necessary.

Drained/bad battery

  • If the phone turns on but powers down as soon as the charger is removed the battery is drained/bad and needs to be replaced. See Battery Replacement Guide.

Battery is improperly installed

Damaged motherboard

  • If a new battery has been installed and the phone still does not power on, the motherboard may be damaged. See Replace Circuit Board Guide.

Battery won't hold a charge

Charging cable is loose

  • Verify that the charger is firmly inserted.

Drained/bad battery

Phone turns on but the screen is still dark

LCD screen is disconnected/improperly connected

Damaged LCD screen

  • If the LCD screen is properly connected but still not functioning, the screen may need to be replaced. See Replace LCD Guide.

Cracked/damaged screen cover

Unresponsive keys

Keypad cover is damaged/improperly installed

Keypad sensor is damaged/improperly installed

Voice is not being transmitted through the phone

In an area of poor reception

  • Go to an area of better reception.

Antenna is damaged/improperly installed

Microphone is damaged/improperly installed

Damaged motherboard

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