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The cover is no longer usable or impedes use of the mouse.

If the cover of your mouse has a large crack that exposes the inside or makes the mouse painful to use, you may want to replace it. To do so refer to our guide Top Cover Replacement.

If the cover of your mouse has been warped, possibly do to exposure to heat or cold that has caused the mouse to deform, making it difficult to hold or use. The easiest course of action would be to install a new cover. Refer to this guide when Top Cover Replacement.

The buttons on your mouse, either the right or left mouse buttons, stay compressed or will not come back up.

If your mouse buttons are dirty to the point that are inoperable, you may simply clean out the buttons. This is done by removing cover and removing the buttons and Top Cover Replacement.

If your buttons are dislodged or out of place, you may simply remove the cover and realign the individual buttons. Please take a look at our guide Logitech MBJ58 Mouse Buttons Replacement.

The scroll wheel on your mouse is hard to move.

If your scroll wheel's movement is impaired because it is rubbing tightly against the circuit board, you may need to re-install the scroll wheel to fix the alignment, refer to Disassembling Logitech MBJ58 Mouse Scroll wheel from mount.

If your scroll wheel requires more effort than usual to move, do to dirt or grime that has accumulated over time. You may have to clean the scroll wheel or surrounding area, which would require you to remove the scroll wheel. Refer to the Removing the Logitech MBJ58 Mouse Scroll Wheel.

The scroll wheel does not come back up after pressing it down.

If your scroll wheel does not come back up it may be due to a broken, bent or displaced support spring. To fix this problem you need to remove the cover and replace the spring. Refer to the Logitech MBJ58 Mouse Support Spring Replacement.

The scroll wheel continues to rotate after you stop scrolling.

If your scroll wheel does not click while scrolling or continues to rotate after you stop, your resistance spring may be broken, bent or displaced. In which case refer to the Logitech MBJ58 Mouse Resistance Spring Replacement.

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