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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

KitchenAid KSB5CR Troubleshooting

A black and chrome three-speed blender with grey buttons and red LED's.

The Blender Won't Blend, but the Button Lights Light Up

The blades won't turn, yet the lights work when you push buttons.

Your Motor Isn't Working

If the blades won't turn, your motor may be broken and needs to be replaced. The motor is located beneath the fan.

The Ribbon Cable to the Motherboard Is Faulty

The ribbon cable is a gray cable with a red band along it's length. If it's broken, it may be the cause of your problem and will need to be replaced.

The Circuit Board Is Faulty

The circuit board might be broken and is most likely too difficult to diagnose and fix. You will probably have to replace the circuit board.

The Blender Won't Turn On and Neither Will the Lights

The blender's buttons, lights, and motor don't have any function.

The Power Cable Might Be Damaged

Accidents happen and the power cable's rubber casing can be damaged, the wires severed, or the prongs detached. If any of these is the case, you need to replace the power cable.

The Circuit Board Might Be Damaged

If the cable is not damaged, then the circuit board is most likely the problem. The circuit board will be too difficult to repair yourself. You will have to order a new circuit board and replace it.

The Blender Smoked and Now Does Not Work

When attempting to use the blender, you saw smoke leave the vents.

The Circuit Board Is Damaged

The only cause of this problem is that the capacitor in the circuit board has blown. You will have to order a new circuit board and replace it because it will be too difficult to fix.

The Glass Container Won't Fit Properly

When you place the container on the coupling, it doesn't fit securely.

The Metal Base Is Bent

Improper use may cause the metal base of the coupling to bend. In this case you should tap the higher side of the base with a hammer, while holding the stem in place, bending it back to proper alignment.

The Power Cable Is Visibly Damaged and The Blender Won't Turn On

You can see that the cable is cut or one or more of the prongs is missing from the plug.

The Power Cable Is Bad

Accidents happen and the rubber casing can be damaged, the wires severed, or the prongs detached. In this case, you need to replace the cable.

The Base of the Blender Is Hot and No Wind Leaves the Blender

"When you touch the base of the blender while it is operating it feels hot and no wind leaves the blender."

The Fan Is Broken

The fan that cools down the blender is broken. You will need to replace the fan.

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