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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

My angle grinder won't turn on

Flipping the switch with the grinder plugged in doesn't get any response

Loose power connectors

One possible reason for a lack of power is loose power connectors. These are on the inside of the device at end closest to the power cable. You can read our guide on reconnecting these here.

Broken wire holders

There are very delicate plastic pieces that hold the wires making an electrical connection to the rotational component of the grinder. These may break off and disconnect the power wires from the grinding piece itself. To replace these, you can see our guide here.

My switch is broken

The switch to the grinder is either broken, loose, or inoperable

Broken locking mechanism

Like all moving parts, sometimes switches can break or lose their function. One feature of the DeWalt small angle grinder is the locking mechanism in the switch. If any of the small plastic pieces break, it may become difficult to lock the switch in the on position. We recommend looking into replacing the switch, as shown here.

Broken plastic extender

The switch in the DeWalt small angle grinder is composed of the electronic switch in the main body of the grinder that is manipulated by an extending plastic piece connected to the exterior switch. In the case where this plastic extension is broken, it may be necessary to replace or reinforce the piece on the inside. We can show you how to do so here.

My grinder is turning slowly

The grinder doesn't spin as fast as it used to

Loose spindle nut

Inside the gearing of the grinder is a nut keeping the gears in place. If this nut becomes loose, you may experience slow revolutions or rattling of the grinder. We can show you how to tighten the piece in our guide on repairing the motor shaft here.

Excess debris

Sometimes there are obstructions inside the grinder from use that cause a slowing of the device. It is important to keep the moving parts of your grinder clean and lubricated for proper operation.

My small angle grinder is giving off smoke

Smoke is coming off of or out of my grinder

Rust and debris

The DeWalt small angle grinder isn't designed to operate when clogged with rust and other debris, so it's natural that it would have unwanted consequences. Smoke can be generated specifically when there's too much debris around the main wheel.

Improper disk

If there is smoke coming off of the disk portion of the grinder, it's possible that you're using the wrong size or type of wheel. Every kind of tool has a purpose, and it's important to make sure that the disk you're using is properly fit for the DeWalt grinder and the materials you're working on.

My power cables are damaged

Torn or worn power cables are unsafe and unseemly

Torn power cables

If there are visible tears in any part of your power cable, you may want to consider replacing it. Bare wires are incredibly unsafe when operating machinery, and can cause lots of harm. Tears may be caused by improperly tight storage of the cables and grinder. To replace the power cable itself, check out our replacement guide here.

Internal power cable damage

When these cables are bent and worn too much in certain ways, it is possible that the electrical connections could be damaged. If the cables look extremely worn and your grinder won't turn on, this could be the problem. We can show you how to replace the cable if you check out our guide here.

My dealt angle is getting hut as you start to work it what is my prublem

ritaramlal - Responder

My dealt angle grinder getting very hut can I get help

ritaramlal - Responder

My grinder wheel comes off when using it ?. Never had this problem before.any ideas

Barry - Responder

My grinder suddenly stopped working. I tried to reset it by pressing the red button under but still not working. Just showing red light. What do i do?

Loveth Amodu - Responder

I have never seen a grinder with a reset bottom, can you give the model number?

Jesus Quinones -

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