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Asus F6A-X2 Troubleshooting

My laptop won't turn on

No matter what I do, I can't get my laptop to turn on.

Dead battery

Your battery may have died and you need to charge it before you use your device again. Connect the circular end of your charger to the jack at the back left corner of the laptop, and the other to a power source (wall outlet or power strip).

Bad battery

If charging the battery doesn't work, the battery may be faulty and it will need to be replaced. You will need to buy a new battery and replace it.

My laptop shuts off by itself

While using my laptop, it turns off by itself.

Dead battery

First, check if the battery has been depleted. Connect the circular end of your charger to the jack at the back left corner of the laptop, and the other to a power source (wall outlet or power strip). Pressing the power button should turn the laptop back on.

Laptop is overworking itself

If plugging the laptop into a power source doesn't do it, make sure your laptop isn't running too many programs. You can check the programs you are running by opening the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del). Then, close programs that you aren't using by selecting the program and clicking "End Task."

Overworked Fan

If the previous steps don't work, check the temperature of your laptop. If it feels hot, then your fan is overworked or obstructed. When you turn your laptop back on, make sure you hear your fan running (it makes a low humming sound). If you hear it running, you can prop the laptop up with a sizable object to increase the airflow to your fan.

Broken Fan

If you do not hear any noise, and the laptop is still hot after running for a few minutes, then your fan is broken or obstructed, and will need to be replaced.

No sound is coming from my laptop

No matter what I do, I can't hear sound coming from my laptop.

Mute button is on

First, make sure the mute button on your laptop isn't on. To check, simply press the F10 button at the top of the keyboard. An icon will appear on the screen telling you if your speakers are muted.

If that doesn't work, make sure your volume isn't too low to hear. Increase the volume by pushing the F12 button.

Device is plugged into the audio port

If you have headphones or another audio device plugged into the audio port at the back right corner of the laptop, you won't be able to hear any sound. Remove the headphones from the jack to restore sound.

If you have something plugged into your HDMI port at the back left corner of the laptop, unplug it and sound should return.

Audio drivers are faulty or not installed

The audio drivers software necessary for providing sound may not be installed onto your laptop. To check if your audio drivers are installed, follow the instructions to problem 2, number 3, on this site.

If you don’t have the drivers installed, follow this link to help you download the driver properly.

You may download any of the versions provided on the site. Just be sure to follow their instructions carefully.

If your drivers are already installed, uninstall the original audio drivers software and reinstall a clean version.

Blown out speakers

If the previous steps do not solve the problem, and there is still no sound coming from the laptop, then you may have a blown out or broken speaker. In this scenario, the speaker will need to be replaced.

My camera does not work on my laptop

When I try to use the webcam on my laptop, nothing shows up on my screen.

Camera driver/software is not installed or faulty

The software needed to operate the camera may not be installed. To fix this, you must properly go through the steps of installing the webcam software.

If you already have the software installed, your current software may be faulty. In order to fix this, you may need to uninstall the original webcam software and reinstall a clean version of the same software.

Cracked/broken webcam

If re-installing the software doesn’t work, then your webcam is likely cracked or broken. If this is the case, then your camera will have to be replaced.

The screen on my laptop won’t turn on

My screen black when I turn it on, but I still hear the sounds of the computer starting up.

Display is turned off or too dark

Your Display may be turned off or too dark to see. Fn + F7 will toggle the display off and on. Your laptop may be displaying a different device rather than your laptop. When you hold Fn + F7, a pop up will appear showing what your laptop is displaying. Use the arrow keys and have the “Computer Only” highlighted and hit enter on your keyboard. Fn + F6 increases the screen brightness. Try using both of these methods to fix your Display.

Battery/charge cable issue

If this doesn’t work, there can be a battery or charge cable issue. To fix this, unplug the charge cable, and remove the battery. Then hold down the power button for 60 seconds, and plug in the charge cable. Turn the device on, and re-insert the battery.

Graphics Drivers are not installed

If the above two steps don’t work, you can connect to an external monitor,such as a TV, by plugging in an HDMI cable to your laptop and the other to the external monitor. Once connected, press Fn + F8 a few times to toggle between monitors.

If the external monitor displays your computer screen, but your laptop screen remains black, then the graphics drivers, which are responsible for the images on your screen, may not have been installed or are faulty. In this case, install them by following this link.

Broken Video Cable

If plugging into the external monitor doesn’t work, then it is a problem with your video cable. In this case, your video cable may need to be replaced.

My laptop won’t wake up from hibernation

No matter what keys I press, the notebook won’t resume function.

Laptop is hibernating

Your laptop may be stuck in hibernation mode. To fix this, hold the power button until the notebook shuts off. Turn ON the laptop and operations should return to normal.

Operating system is malfunctioning

If the previous step doesn’t work, you may need to restore the operating system to an earlier date when it was functioning properly. If the problem persists, use a recovery partition or installation disk.

Follow these instructions to have your laptop restored.

Upgraded parts improperly installed

If the previous two steps does not work, check to see if you upgraded any parts (such as RAM) on your laptop. These foreign parts may not have not been installed correctly, which could prevent your laptop from waking up from hibernation. If you had any parts upgraded after purchase, remove them.

My laptop shows a blue screen when turned on

Upon turning on the notebook, a blue screen appears with some white text (the blue screen of death).

Invasive virus

One cause of the blue screen is a virus has taken over your computer. A virus will often give you a large number of error messages when the computer blue screens.

To fix this, restart your computer, and hold the F8 key before the Windows logo pops up to enter Safe Mode (the words “Safe Mode” will appear in the corner of the screen). Once in Safe Mode, run an antivirus scanner such as Windows Defender to diagnose the virus, and delete any harmful files the program finds. The computer should resume normal function when restarted.

New software

If you have recently installed new software onto the computer, it may not have been installed properly or is incompatible with your system.

To fix this, restart your computer, and hold the F8 key before the Windows logo pops up to enter Safe Mode (the words “Safe Mode” will appear in the corner of the screen). Once in Safe Mode, find the recently downloaded files in File Explorer, and delete them. The computer should resume normal function when restarted.

Problem with memory (RAM or Hard Drive)

If you have recently installed new memory, it may not have been installed properly or is incompatible with your system.

To fix this, shut off the power to the notebook. Replace the new memory with the old memory. Turn power ON to the notebook, and see if it works. If it does, the problem was due to incompatible memory.

If memory isn’t new, then the memory may be damaged(i.e. Broken hard drive disk). This the means that you will need to replace your RAM or replace your Hard Drive.

BIOS is out of date

The BIOS a major component that allows the laptop to operate. If it is out of date or is faulty, then your computer may show a blue screen.

You can update the BIOS to the latest version with WINFLASH in Windows or AFLASH in DOS mode. These utilities and BIOS files can be downloaded from the ASUS website.

You can refer to the user manual on page A-12 for further instructions.

  • WARNING: Make sure your Notebook PC does not lose power during the BIOS flashing process.

Complete system failure

If the problem persists and the blue screen doesn’t go away, perform a complete system recovery as a last resort. Refer to page A-15 and A-16 of the user manual.

  • IMPORTANT: You must backup all your data to another location before recovering.
  • CAUTION: Do not connect to the Internet before you have installed an antivirus software and Internet firewall to protect yourself from viruses.
  • NOTE: Make sure that you install the “Intel INF Update” and “ATKACPI” drivers first so that hardware devices can be recognized.

i use win 10 64bit in safe mode. when i tried to reinstall "realtek audio failure" pop out during installations . i have this problem for 2 weeks i get driver from asus website. i have tried many times still cannot solved. pls tell me how ?

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