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We couldn’t quite fit every last drop of chip ID into our iPhone 13 Pro teardown. So if you’re yearning for more, here is a much more thorough look into the chips found on the iPhone 13 Pro’s logic board.

Special thanks to our community member Chunglin Chin for contributing to this!

Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua iPhone 13 Pro, use o nosso manual de serviço.

  1. Logic board, side 1:
    • Logic board, side 1:

    • Apple APL1W07 A15 Bionic SoC layered with what's most likely 6 GB of SK Hynix LPDDR4X SDRAM

    • Apple APL1098 power management IC

    • Apple 338S00762-A1 power management IC

    • STMicroelectronics STB601A05 power management IC

    • Apple 338S00770-B0 power management IC

    • Texas Instruments TPS65657B0 display power management IC

    • NXP Semiconductor CBTL1616A0 display port multiplexer

  2. Logic board, side 1 (cont.):
    • Logic board, side 1 (cont.):

    • Texas Instruments CD3710A1 VCSEL array driver

    • Texas Instruments USB 2.0 dual repeater

    • ON Semiconductor DC-DC converter

    • Possibly a NXP Semiconductor power management IC

    • Possibly a NXP Semiconductor load switch

  3. Logic board, side 1 (cont.):
    • Logic board, side 1 (cont.):

    • Apple/USI U1 ultra-wideband chip

    • Skyworks SKY58271-19 front-end module

    • Skyworks SKY58276-17 front-end module

    • Likely a Broadcom AFEM-8225 front-end module

    • Likely a Skyworks SKY59723 power amplifier module

    • Likely a Murata 141 RF switch module

    • Likely Broadcom filters

  4. Logic board, side 1 (cont.):
    • Logic board, side 1 (cont.):

    • Alps HSCDTD00xA electronic compass

  5. Logic board, sides 2 and 3:
    • Logic board, sides 2 and 3:

    • 128 GB of Kioxia NAND flash memory

    • STMicroelectronics ST33Jxxx secure microcontroller w/ eSIM

    • Possibly an Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S00817 audio processor

    • Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S00739 audio codec

    • Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S00537 audio amplifier

    • Broadcom BCM59365 wireless power receiver

    • Likely an Analog Devices haptic driver

  6. Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):
    • Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):

    • Qualcomm PMX60 power management IC

    • Apple 338S00616 power management IC

    • Texas Instruments LM3567A1 LED flash driver

    • ON Semiconductor DC-DC converter

    • Likely a STMicroelectronics DC-DC converter

    • Nexperia 74AVC1T45 3-state voltage level translator/transceiver

    • Nexperia LSF0101 1-bit bidirectional voltage level translator

  7. Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):
    • Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):

    • USI 339S00761 WiFi/Bluetooth module

    • Qualcomm SDX60M 5G modem

    • Possibly a Qualcomm SDR868 5G RF transceiver

    • Broadcom AFEM-8215 front-end module

    • Possibly a Skyworks SKY53838-17 front-end module

    • NXP Semiconductor SN210V NFC controller with secure element

    • Likely a Skyworks SKY57217 power amplifier module

  8. Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):
    • Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):

    • Qualcomm QET510 envelope tracker

    • Qualcomm QET5100 envelope tracker

    • Likely a Qorvo envelope tracker

    • Likely a Skyworks SKY514xx RF switch module

    • Likely Skyworks RF switch

    • Likely Murata antenna switch module

    • Antenna tuning switch

  9. Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):
    • Logic board, sides 2 and 3 (cont.):

    • Bosch Sensortec 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope

6 comentários

Which one is the wifi/bt chip?

u2f u2f - Responder

Refer to Step 7,

There is no WiFi/BT chip on the main board. Instead, Apple uses USI 339S00761 WiFi/Bluetooth module .

JJ Wu -

Is barometer still Bosch’s solution?

JJ Wu - Responder

Does anyone know anything more about the USI 339S00761 WiFi/Bluetooth module? Specifically, it would be really interesting to understand if there is Bluetooth LE Audio capabilities hidden there.

Gustaf Rosell - Responder

please i need a help my iphone 13 pro i try to restore and gave me error unable to restore idevice (-1)

izeko mobile - Responder

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