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Background and Identification

The major components of the Sony CFD-8 are a CD player, cassette-corder, and radio. The cassette-corder is located on the front panel. The CD player can be found on top of the boombox. There are two speakers: one located on each of the front-facing sides. The radio antenna is situated on the back of the device. The Sony CFD can be powered by outlet or by batteries. The battery compartment and power cord are located on the back side.

Production of this model began in 1998 and was discontinued in favor of newer models the following year. Unlike other similar looking models, this model does not contain the Super Bass feature. To verify this the correct model, look at the bottom of the device on the right speaker side. Here you will find the device model label. The device model label is also engraved on top of the CD compartment on top of the device. Please confirm that the information matches under the Specifications heading below.


Model No.: CFD-8

AC: 120V 60Hz 20W

DC: 9V

Battery: Size D R20 or Equivalent, Quantity: 6

Dimensions: Approx. 500 x 156 x 243mm (w/h/d)

Frequency Range: FM: 87.6-108 MHz; AM: 530-1710 kHz

Cassette-Corder Section: 4-track 2-channel stereo

Additional Information

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