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For any help repairing your Rigid 5X, visit our troubleshooting page here.

Background and Identification

The Ridgid 5X was introduced in November of 2015. It comes in a matte orange and black color design, standard for almost all Rigid products. This drill also includes a small, silver-colored clip near the battery. The drill takes an 18-Volt battery. The Ridgid 5X also has a 1/2 inch chuck capacity.

The Ridgid 5X comes with 3 different modes, hammer, drill and driver. The drill can produce 780 lbs of torque. This drill model permits up to 50% longer motor life and runtime than previous drill models. This model works with all Ridgid 18V batteries. The Ridgid 5X has a maximum speed of 2100 RPM (revolutions per minute). The Ridgid 5X has 100+ torque settings.

Since its release, the Ridgid 5X has been outdated by newer Rigid product lines. Despite this, the Ridgid 5X is still a competent and functioning drill.

Additional Information

Warranty Info: Ridgid GEN5X R8611506

Home Depot: Ridgid GEN5X R8611506

User Manual: Ridgid GEN5X R8611506

Repair Sheet: Ridgid GEN5X R8611506

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