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Identification and Background

The Oregon Scientific Meep! X2 is a handheld children's tablet manufactured and distributed by Oregon Scientific Global Distribution Ltd. The Meep! X2 was released on October 16, 2013.

The Meep! X2 has a bold, orange colored case that is very distinguishing. The Meep! X2 is recognizable by having only one button, which is the power button, and having all of the ports on the bottom of the tablet. The Meep! X2 can be distinguished from its predecessor by a black frame around the screen, where the Meep does not have the black frame but a white frame.


• 7’’ screen

• 800x480 pixel screen resolution

• 4.0 Bluetooth

• 1.2 GHz CPU

• 1 GB of RAM

• 4GB of internal storage

• Android 4.2 Operating System

• 2 built-in cameras

Connections and Expansion

• 1 HDMI Port

• 1 Microphone Jack

• 1 Headphone Jack

• Micro SD card slot to install additional memory up to 32 GB

Additional Information

Device Specifications

Product User Manual

Product Review

Amazon Product Page

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