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For help on any trouble you may be experiencing, here is the smartphone's troubleshooting page.

Backround and Identification

The LG Treasure Smartphone LGL52VL is a smartphone manufactured by LG Corporation. First released in April 2016 that comes with a 1.1GHz processor, 1GB of ram, and a 480p display. The phone has sleek black profile. The phone possess two 5.0 MP cameras, one on the front and one on the back. The LG Treasure LGL52VL has faced no large scale recalls and garnered favorable reviews.

Being retailed for around $79.99, the phone is a budget smartphone which serves as an alternative to more advanced smartphones such as the iPhone.

How to Identify this Device

In order to determine if you have the LG Treasure you can check by removing the back of the case by prying on the tab on the bottom right corner (viewing from the front). Then remove the battery and check the model number on the LG factory sticker, should read LGL52VL.

Additional Information

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