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Background and Identification

The Koosh Vortex Tornado is a toy gun created by Koosh. It was released in 1998 and discontinued in 2000. This specific model fired Koosh Spinfire rings. It was known for its long distance accuracy, with a max distance of 73 feet. The main drawback of the gun was its poor rate of fire, due to the slow loading process.

This device can be distinguished from the other versions, by its purple color. It is 23.5" x 10.25" x 3", and weighs approximately 1 lb. or 13 oz. This model has "Tornado" written on the side of the barrel and "Vortex" stamped on the stock. (Serial ID: 1998 ODDZON)

Additional Information

Please see the following URL for more information about Koosh Vortex Tornado.

Koosh Vortex Tornado Review

Product History

Detailed Product Description

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