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If you are running into problems with your Garmin nüvi® 2689LMT, please check our troubleshooting page for more information regarding your issues. Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT Troubleshooting Guide.

Background Information

The nüvi® 2689LMT is a touch-screen GPS device that was released in 2014 by Garmin--one of the most reputable GPS companies in the world.

This particular model can be identified by the sticker on the back of the unit inside the round socket used for its stand. The sticker will have the model number "2689 nuvi LMT." The nüvi® is primarily designed to calculate the most efficient routes for users in automobiles with preloaded maps of North America. The main display features a 6.1 inch touch screen monitor that shows real-time location, live traffic patterns, key landmarks, and businesses. This model also comes with applications, Foursquare and HERE Maps, built-in. With the Bluetooth interface capabilities, you are able to connect to the nüvi® 2689LMT with compatible cellular devices and make hands-free calls. Furthermore, the rechargeable lithium ion battery has a one hour runtime on one charge.

Additional Information

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Garmin nüvi® 2689LMT - Official Owner's Manual

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