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Estas são algumas ferramentas comuns usadas para executar trabalhos neste dispositivo. Talvez você não precise usar todas elas em cada procedimento.

The purpose for this device description is to explain the usages of an e-cigarette vaporizer to users who may need to repair the mechanism or who are interested in using it for the first time. An e-cigarette vaporizer is used to deliver water vapor, often with some nicotine content. Usually, e-cigarette vaporizers are used as a replacement for traditional cigarettes, either to assist with an oral fixation or with nicotine delivery. They are a healthier alternative to smoking, delivering fewer toxic chemicals, while still delivering the nicotine smokers have dependence on.

Vaping was invented as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Hon Lik, who was credited for inventing the first vape pen, saw the need for an alternative after losing his father due to lung cancer. The various vape pens all have one thing in common with each other. They all do not contain tobacco. This movement is a recent one. The era of vaping began around 2003, but did not become a hot commodity until about 2008. Although all studies are recent and there is no long term side effects known yet there is a divisive split between people for and against vaping. Studies have found harmful chemicals inside the liquid, but these chemicals are in very minimal quantities. Some changes that we can see through the recent years of the electronic cigarette is going from a one-time use only pen to large box refillable boxes.

Using a vape is healthier than smoking cigarettes and often cheaper too. According to the Flavr Vapor Lounge website, an online store and trusted retailer of vape juice and accessories, a smoker can save an average of $1800 per month by switching to vaping. Not to mention the health benefits vaping has over traditional smoking. According to wired.com, an online journal that highlights current events and technological advancements, the CDC’s anti-vaping campaign, instead of using hard science to dissuade people from beginning to vape, the CDC uses “classic psychological strategies” to dissuade new vapers. In fact, the only risks listed on the page that accompany vaping are also risks for traditional smoking.

The importance of using an e - cigarette is to create an alternative method to quit smoking. According to the CDC cigarettes are leading cause in 480,000 deaths a year in the United States. Most of the juices used by people who vape contain nicotine. Smokers now have an alternative smoking device that they can step down from, without having many health risks. Over time the smoker will wing off of cigarettes.

Using a vape pen is a very simple procedure. The user turns on the vape pen by pressing the power button. After the vaporizer is turned on the user can adjust the desired voltage and and wattage by using the + or - on the vaporizer. Once the initial setting are inputted to the device, the user presses and hold the power button to start vaping. The power button heats up the coils inside the vape pen. The coils in turn heat up the two pieces of saturated cotton. When the juices are heated enough they create a vapor cloud. While the user presses the button they are also inhaling from the vaporizer. The vapor goes to the user for their vaping pleasure.

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