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Resolve hardware problems using the Dymo LabelManager160 Troubleshooting Guide.

Identification and Background

Released in 2011 the DYMO LabelManager 160 is the first of its generation and considered the best handheld device made by DYMO.

The DYMO LabelManager 160 can print labels in many different font sizes and styles. The device also features a QWERTY keyboard, providing fast user input. The label maker is equipped with an auto power-off function, which turns the label maker off when not in use.

Technical Specifications

Display: Large LCD Display

Keyboard: QWERTY

Label customization options:

  • 1 font 6 font sizes
  • 8 text styles
  • 4 box styles plus underline


  • 6 mm
  • 9 mm
  • 12 mm

Memory: Last label Memory


  • 6 AAA batteries (not included)
  • AC Adapter (sold separately)

Additional Information

Support Website

Product Page

User Manual

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