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Dymo LabelManager 160 is fast, compact and lightweight, making it easy to label just about anything, anywhere. Type quickly on the computer-style QWERTY keyboard, edit with one-touch fast-formatting keys and print for perfect, professional labels every time.

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Why is my device not turning on?

When I try to turn on my label maker, the device is unresponsive.

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Not sure if the problem happens with batteries, the power adapter, or both. If the problem occurs when relying on the power adapter alone and you're not using a Dymo power adapter, note that the polarity is reversed on Dymo adapters, such that the positive is outside and negative is inside (reverse from standard polarity for such adapters). Therefore, using a power adapter with a standard polarity configuration will not work on this device.

If that's the issue, you could reverse the polarity on an adapter with a standard polarity configuration (9V, 2A output) by cutting, flipping, and re-attaching the wires. Of course, that adapter will no longer work on devices with a standard polarity configuration, but it should work on the Dymo device.


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Check to make sure the batteries are charged and properly functioning. If problem persists then please refer to the battery replacement guide. Battery Replacement guide

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