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For additional help, check out the Asus V500CA-DB51T Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Asus V500CA-DB51T was released in 2012 by Asus, and complimented their line of Windows notebooks and laptops. Equipped with a 15.6" touchscreen display, Intel HD Graphics 4000, and a Dual Core i5 processor. The laptop is described as having a black outer-shell with Asus in silver lettering on the front. It includes three USB ports, a HDMI and a VGA port. To find the computer model number, gently flip it upside-down so that the ASUS logo is facing down on a flat surface. The model number will be on the black sticker in the bottom right corner. It is right underneath the bar-code located on the sticker and is in very small font, making the number hard to read. It should read V500CA-DB51T.

The Asus V500CA-DB51T is a good computer for all your basic needs. Due to it being released in 2012 it has been replaced with newer models, but has good reviews online and is worth doing basic repairs to get it running again.

Additional Information

Asus FAQ Page

Reviews of the Asus

Hardware Description

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