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Repair Information for Speak & Spell educational toys. First released in 1978.

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Touch keys not responding

First key on each row is not responding. Others work great.

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grammyjuju, take a look at the keyboard to make sure the contacts are all nice and clean. Check the keyboard connector on the logic board, make sure that the contacts are clean, not bend and that it is properly inserted. You can clean the contacts with an eraser. Check on here for some more diagrams.

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Where can replacement membrane keypad assemblies be obtained?


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I have the 2019 Kahootz remake, and my keypad also started acting up. The wrong letters would be triggered on some keys, for example. I stuck a screwdriver under the top edge and used a plastic card around the edge to lift up the keypad. It is stuck to the plastic case with a light adhesive. I reseated the keypad and the problem went away. (I had first tried opening the case and cleaning the contacts from the keypad connector and tightening the 3 screws that hold it in place but that didn't help.)

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