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Repair Information for Speak & Spell educational toys. First released in 1978.

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Burnt after wrong voltage AC adapter.


My question is maybe absolutly dumb for someone who knows a bit about electronic devices but :

I used an 9V AC adapter instead of 6V in my speak and spell, which killed it. Is there a way to fix it or is it definitly over for the poor little creature ?

Please, try to answer something like "it's absolutly not a problem !"

Thanks a lot !

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With electronics there is almost always a way to fix it. Mainly it comes down to cost effectiveness. Without looking at the board or the schematics it is hard to give you a firm answer as to how easy it will be or costly. You may try taking it apart and seeing if there is an obvious fuse in it. If there is one it would have fallen on it's sword to save the rest. If that doesn't work try running an add on about getting it fixed some old man with nothing to do may do the repair for little to nothing. If nothing good comes from that, you could try the local TV repair shop. That was made before electronics really started getting miniaturized. Which may make things cheaper and easier. The damage should have been contained to the power circuit and not spread beyond that. I know really not the answer you are looking for. I don't know what those are worth but I don't see it going over the local TV repair shops minimum.

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The nhs has got it's faults but it's free for everyone....


Those are classics and are still widely used for circuit bending as well as other interesting to love the classic.


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Axel absolutely not a problem ;-)take a look at the attached images. I do not see any fuse or fusable link but that does not mean they are not there. Check the diodes on the power supply and see if they are okay. I also attached the schematic, just in case you can fix it. Parts should be readily available at companies like etc....good luck and have fun

Block Image

Block Image

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+ excellent research


Fastmatt here - circuit bender specializing in these devices. You’re on the right track. There is definitely no fuse, and the damage due to higher or reverse polarity will be isolated to the power supply board shown in the above graphics some else added. Look at replacing the transistors specifically. Often you will find that one of them has literally cracked a little bit and a faint burnt smell may still be present.

The power boards came in mainly two different types.

One of the power board types is labeled PCU-312 and will have one large 2SB562C transistor.

Another common type of power board could be labeled 042 0102 or Astec or BP 4103 - this power board will have three small transistors. The two transistors closest to the corner edge of the board are 8550 PNP. The third one is 2N4403 PNP. All of these are easily found on eBay.

Simply de-solder the originals with a cheap vacuum-type desoldering tool (or cut posts closely to the board) and carefully solder on the new ones.


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My old one was not working, followed advice on this page and checked continuity on the diodes in the power supply, sure enough there seems to be a burnt diode! Will have to doublecheck but I'm thinking a new zener diode of normal spec should work.

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