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frigidaire FLCE752CAW works ok, bout only fills with cold water

Just noticed my Frigidaire Laundry Center Model FLCE752CAW had cold water in the tub after I had selected a hot water wash in the Normal cycle. I put it into Diagnostic Mode (how-to instructions are in the user manual) and confirmed hot water was dispensing in the Hot Water Fill test selection. Back in regular mode I selected a hot water fill (Normal Cycle) and monitored it. It starts the fill with cold water for about 75% of the time, stops, and then delivers hot water for about 25% of the time. How can you get a hot water fill/wash from that? Especially in Vancouver BC where the City delivered water temperature here is 6-10 degrees Celsius for 8 months of the year. Electrolux, the manufacturer of these, sent a local repair technician. He spoke to an Electrolux service dept Technician and their response was that the water temperature is too cold in the locale. With programming like this these units should not be sold into moderate climate regions, only hot one's. Unit does not monitor the water temp inlet.

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Hi @jdjw

Does the cold/hot water delivery amounts alter when you select the warm wash temperature?

Not to argue with the manufacturer but unless it is a timed event how long each valve is opened for, besides to fill the tub to the desired level, given the installation guide doesn't specify the temperature requirement for the hot water that is supplied to the machine, how does it know whether it is hot enough or just warm enough?

Looking at p.27 of the wiring diagram for the unit, there's an optional washer 5K NTC that is connected to the control board J4/3 and J4/4 connector pins.

NTC refers to a Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor i.e. a temperature sensor. This is also confirmed by the electrical symbol used for the component, seen in the diagram.

This type of sensor's characteristics are that the electrical resistance value of the thermistor decreases at a known rate as the temperature increases. This is related to the temperature value at any given resistance value so that the control board knows what the temperature is and knows what to do.

In this instance the 5K would mean 5,000 Ohms resistance from minimum to maximum for the temperature range for which the thermistor is designed.

Wonder why it is considered "optional"??

There's no mention of it or any other water temperature sensor in the parts list for the unit (nor in the list for the FLCE752CAW0 model). It doesn't appear to be associated with the water inlet valve assembly (part # 5304515818 (video to show removal/replacement of assembly) as it sometimes found in other washing machines, so I don't know what it may look like or even where it may be located in the washer.

Perhaps contact Electrolux again and ask them about it or how the washer distinguishes between a hot wash and a warm wash if there's no water temperature sensor.

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Thanks for the info and links to resources Jayeff.

This is time data for a warm water wash selection in Normal Wash cycle on a medium fill:

25 sec's - Surge fills - Cold Water(Tech told me this is load level detection)

4 Min 50 Sec's - Cold Water Fill

25 Sec's - Surge Fills - Hot Water (warm actually because full hot has not reached the inlet yet)

30 Sec's - Hot Water Fill.

It then transitioned to agitation.

After fill cycle the water was cold to the touch and my IR camera was measuring the temp at 16 deg. celsius. Not sure how accurate that is, I think the water was colder actually...

When the local tech spoke to the Electrolux tech it was apparent this model did not have an NTC sensor and that the water demand protocols were pre-programmed to the control board. The Local tech was dis-satisfied with the fact that this unit could not deliver anything other than a cold-water wash, as was I

I too find it odd that they would list the NTC sensor as "optional"... maybe should read "if equipped".



Maybe Frigidaire didn't want to risk having people possibly ruining their clothes by washing them in water that was too hot ;-)

Would be interesting to know if installing the NTC thermistor would make for a hotter wash, but then you would have to know where it was placed to measure the temp of the water.

You could always tape it to the output side of the inlet valves assembly as looking at the valve assembly there's only the one output for both valves.

You would have to have the correct one of course so that it matched the parameters designed for it to be connected to the control board.

Other than that the only option perhaps, is to run off the hot water close to the washer e.g. laundry sink just before starting the washer so that there's hot water immediately available when required and then hope that the water in the pipes stays hot enough when the hot is called for ~5 1/2 minutes later.




I did try the "bring the hot water to the area 1st" method and that made no noticeable difference.

I spoke to Electrolux and told them they are misrepresenting the capabilities of these machines by advertising they can perform a hot water wash when it seems they can't.... they 1st offered a 25% rebate on the purchase of new of another Electrolux made machine and then went to 50% when I refused... which I refused again. Now waiting to have a call back from a manager... 3 bus. days since that promise.... we'll see what happens. I don't do a lot of hot water washes but there are certain times where I want/need to and want that capability. Might research the optional NTC thing if I get stuck with this thing.... Thanks.



Just clarifying that the hot and warm wash temp cycles have approximately the same 75%-25% cold to hot fill time ratio?

If so that seems very strange as then there is no difference at all with the amount of fill time for the hot and cold water when selecting either temp.

Wonder if there has been a programming error on the control board or perhaps a programming (or even wiring?) error on the washer's User Interface board.

It is not shown in the wiring diagram but looking at the parts list (linked above) in the Control Panel parts diagram, there are two UI control boards for the machine. One for the washer (Item #1) and one for the dryer (Item #8).

Presumably the temp selection on the washer's UI board is passed (or controlled) from it to the main control board so if the cold/hot fill time ratio for hot and warm temp washes were the same, perhaps the problem is there and not the control board per se.



75% cold and 25% hot fill was a "Hot Water" fill in "Normal" Cycle (which pretty much netted a cold tub of water) and this was not as precise of a time recording as I did for the warm water wash (In "Normal" Cycle -Med level fill) which was this one:

25 sec's - Surge fills - Cold Water (Tech told me this is load level detection)

4 Min 50 Sec's - Cold Water Fill

25 Sec's - Surge Fills - Hot Water (warm actually because full hot has not reached the inlet yet)

30 Sec's - Hot Water Fill.

It then transitioned to agitation.

After fill cycle the water was cold to the touch and my IR camera was measuring the temp at 16 deg. Celsius. Not sure how accurate that is, I think the water was colder actually...

I will time my next wash on a hot fill precisely and post it.

The things that keep me of the notion that it is a widespread programming issue is posts I saw where the user had a new machine sent in under warranty but same issue and an appliance tech who got no resolve from Electrolux.



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