How to refill an AIO Cooler with the included screw port?

I'd really just like to know where the special water bottle with the screw tip is available since i don't have the right bits to take off my copper plate.

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Hi @lucas59804,

What is the make and model number of the AIO cooler?


Yo sorry @jayeff I didn't respond quicker I didn't see the email but I have a NZXT - Kraken 240. Model: RL-KN240-B1 I really appreciate any advice brudda man



Has there been a leak from the cooling system?

They are supposed to be a sealed system so it shouldn't need a refill and if it did have you fixed the leak?



So no there's no leak I'm actually buying a new one but the one I have, I've had for almost 4 years and my pump died on it because the water evaporated and ran my pump dry. To fix that so maybe I don't kill my pump again I figured I should probably refill it every so often?



So the one you had was refillable and not sealed?

I can't find any special filler so maybe try using a suitably sized syringe filled with water/coolant? and see if that works.

The only problem is you won't know how much as you don't want to overfill it as it may create too much pressure for the pump to handle, especially if there's no pressure relief valve for the system.


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