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The Craftsman Air Compressor 919.166440 is a 1.5 horsepower, tank-mounted unit designed for household and professional use. This page provides detailed information and repair guides for this air compressor, which has a 15-gallon tank capacity and is capable of providing 4.9 SCFM at 40 psig and 3.5 SCFM at 90 psig.

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Removing the shroud from a Craftsmam Model 919.166440 air compressor

Can anyone tell me what size and what length Torx bit is needed to remove the screws holding the shroud on this model air compressor?

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Hi @bigalretokc911

Don't know the length of the bit required but the screw holding the shroud cover as shown in the parts list¹ is part # SSF-3156 (example only to show screw), so I think that it requires a T10 torx screwdriver or screwdriver bit

¹ To view the parts list click on the device icon to the right of your question and then scroll down and click on the Air Compressor Contd icon.

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Thanks so much for your assistance!!! We appreciate it!


Thanks for the tip. I have similar model (919.16737) and I found 5 screws which I've removed but I can't get the shroud to come apart (the manual is useless). Is there some trick to getting it off?



Don't know the compressor but looking at p.24 of the manual the shroud is in 2 pieces, left and right so they should pull apart once the screws are removed


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