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How to ground a wire when all GDNs on the connector are occupied?

Hi community! I am wondering if you guys can help me out.

I have a KD-65X9005A Sony 4k LED TV. I'm getting the 4 blinking red LEDs error code.

Online research tells me there is a backlight error and I can bypass it by grounding out the wire that sends the error signal to the main board. I know it won't fix the underlying issue but chances are my TV will work just fine for the time being - once I disable the error signal.

I think I have located the board in question:

Block Image

And here is the connector with the error pin:

Block Image

And here is the complete back of my tv:

Block Image

2 questions:

1) Did I mark the BL_ERR pin correctly?

2) How do I ground the wire? As you guys can see all my GDNs are occupied. Really not sure what to do.

I can upload more pictures if needed.

Thanks in advance! Your help is highly appreciated!

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@theenigmac31065 right cable wrong connector. You need to go to the toner end of that cable. There you disconnected the wire from that particular board connector and connect that to ground. Any ground will work. You can even use one of the screws that hold the board in place.

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@theenigmac31065 yes, that sounds about right :-)


@theenigmac31065 yes, that should work. yo udo not need to cut the metal off as long as you got it snug on the screw. I would wait with making it semi permanent until you know it is working. Remember that this is at best a temporary fix until you know what caused the blink code from the beginning.

The first thing you want to do if this works, is to bring your backlight brightness down. No more than about 70-80% just in case it is your backlight that cause the blinking.


@theenigmac31065 CN6402? Do this one different. Disconnect it on that connector and connect it to ground.


@theenigmac31065 not the ground but whatever needs the ground as a signal. I would envision that the BL_Err "originates" on CN6402 so it reports that to the main board. If you ground that end the main board may think that everything is A-OK. Of course, it could also be the other way around, you'll have to play around with it since we do not have the schematic to determine which comes first. the chicken or the egg question :-) Hope this makes sense

Are you referring to CN6601? I would wait on that one. That looks like its for the LED driver


@theenigmac31065 yes, you do. I am convinced that you get this fixed. Just take your time and continue to work through it. Do not let it get you frustrated. One step at a time and sometimes two steps back is normal when you work without schematics etc. You got this.

If nothing at all will work, you can always replace the backlight strips which I think are the issues for the error code. Last resort because it's a PITA with a large LCD panel.


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