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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released November 2017.

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How to repair the battery


The battery on my surface book is dead. How can i replace the battery

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Hi @frankmercuri

Which battery, the one in the "tablet" or the one in the keyboard dock?

Here's the Microsoft Surface Book 2 Teardown guide that may help.

The first part shows how to access the battery in the "tablet" part.

At 2:45 minutes into the video it shows how to open the keyboard dock so that the battery there, which is glued down to the cover can be accessed, (the battery is not shown being removed). After that you will have you soften the adhesive under the battery somehow and then start prying it out.

Heating the cover to soften the adhesive is not a good idea as you will be heating the battery as well. You could try using a syringe to apply Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available at electronics parts stores) down one side of the battery so that it may seep under and start to soften the adhesive and then pry the battery up a bit without puncturing it etc and then apply a bit more alcohol under the lifted section and pry a bit more etc until it is finally removed.

Search online for DAK822470K/G3HTA020H to find suppliers of the tablet battery that suit you best. I'm not totally sure what the battery type number is for the battery in the keyboard dock but there should be a similar type number printed on it that should help you to find suppliers for it.

As can be seen from the ifixit repairability score i.e. 1/10 it is not an easy laptop to work on.

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