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Olympus Stylus 760 / 7.1 megapixels

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Olympus mju 760 lens stuck, how to fix

My olympus mju 760 lense is stuck and I'd like to fix it on my own, I've watched many videos on yt but it didn't work, I wanted to open it but Im afraid to lost some parts, actually it's more expensive to bring it to repair shop

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@flofe I know you said you've already checked all the YT videos etc, but just for completion sake, look through all the tips/tricks on here.

Should those not work either you know that the best thing to do is to replace/repair teh lens assembly. You can get into your camera by using this guide How to clean the Olympus Stylus 760 lens and sensor. It is not as bad as it may sound. Just have a clean workspace and so good lights. Whenever I work on devices like a camera, I use an old ice cube tray to keep things organized

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Imagem de Olympus Stylus 760


How to clean the Olympus Stylus 760 lens and sensor

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